Which air humidifier to choose?

Which air humidifier to choose?
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For most people the biggest bane of winter is too dry air in the apartment, which has a negative impact on the complexion, hair and concentration. That is why it is worth buying an air humidifier for your home.

When is it worth buying an air humidifier for the apartment?

An air humidifier is essential during the winter season and during the summer heat, when the air in the apartment becomes very dry. Studies have shown that buying an air humidifier is necessary especially for people who have:

  • problems concentrating and sleeping,
  • breathing problems,
  • skin changes,
  • changes in the appearance of their hair.

In extreme situations, dry air in the home promotes:

  • infections,
  • the multiplication of bacteria.

What is the appropriate level of humidity in the apartment?

According to recent studies, the optimal humidity in the apartment is 30%. If it is below this value, then staying in such a place is dangerous to health. The best is air with a humidity of about 50%, but the humidity in the apartment must not exceed 60%, because this promotes the growth of mold and other pathogens – which also has a negative impact on health.

Types of air humidifiers

Air humidifiers differ depending on the type:

  • appearance,
  • construction,
  • effectiveness of operation,
  • functions,
  • price.

Traditional humidifiers

Traditional humidifiers are the simplest and the cheapest ones available on the market. They take the form of a container, which is hung on the radiator using hooks. Under the influence of heat, water begins to evaporate. The water container is usually made of:

  • metal,
  • plastic,
  • ceramic.

Advantages of traditional humidifiers:

  • low product price,
  • low operating costs.

Disadvantages of traditional humidifiers:

  • low efficiency,
  • suitable only for small rooms.

Steam humidifiers

Steam humidifiers depending on the type can be powered

  • directly from the wall socket,
  • battery,
  • batteries.

Advantages of steam humidifiers:

  • small size,
  • air purification,
  • steam gently raises the temperature in the room,
  • inhalation and aroma function.

Thedisadvantage of steam humidifiers is high energy consumption.

The simplest model of steam humidifier can be purchased in a store for about 50 zł.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifiers are the most technologically advanced. Depending on your needs, the steam can be cooled or heated. This device is equipped with controllers to regulate the temperature of the steam and a hygrometer to regulate air humidity.

Advantages of ultrasonic humidifiers:

  • ability to regulate the temperature of the steam,
  • possibility of humidity level regulation
  • quiet operation,
  • low power consumption.

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Disadvantages of ultrasonic humidifiers:

  • need to replace filters,
  • some models are inconvenient for pets,
  • price.

Evaporative humidifier

Evaporative humidifier works very similarly to a steam humidifier. The device draws in dry air from the room, humidifies it, and emits it into the room as steam.

Advantages of evaporative humidifiers:

  • low energy consumption,
  • possible use for aromatherapy.

Disadvantages of evaporative humidifiers:

  • low efficiency,
  • humming noise.

What to look for when buying a humidifier?

When choosing a humidifier for your home, you should pay attention to:

1. Room size

Manufacturers determine the maximum area in which the air humidifier is most efficient.

2. Efficiency

Determines how much steam will be produced per hour or day (ml/h or in l/24h). The larger the area of the room, the more efficient the device should be.

3. Power

Power consumption, i.e. how much electricity the device consumes.

4. Water tank size

The size of the water container indicates how often you will need to fill it with water. Usually, the larger the humidifiers, the larger the water container.

5. Filters

The steam produced by a humidifier can harbor various bacteria. That’s why more and more models have filters to clean the steam of them. Filters are most often found in evaporative and ultrasonic humidifiers.

5. Humidification regulation

Thanks to this you can adjust the operation of the device and take care of the appropriate humidification in the room. In most models you can find:

  • humidification programs,
  • mist intensity setting function,
  • rotating steam nozzle,
  • tank full indicator,
  • indicator lights,
  • display,
  • remote control.

6. Additional features

The most popular additional features of the humidifier are:

  • ionization,
  • purification
  • dehumidification
  • inhalation,
  • aromatherapy.

Top 10 recommended humidifier models

  1. Philips HU4803/01
  2. Eldom NU-5
  3. Esperanza HYDRO SPA EHA004
  4. Blaupunkt AHS601
  5. Xiaomi SmartMi Evaporative Humidifier
  6. Hi-Tech Medical ORO-2020
  7. Platinet Misty
  8. Medisana AH 662
  9. GOTIE GNE-116Z
  10. Hyundai HUM282
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