Patio seating – 3 interesting solutions

Patio seating – 3 interesting solutions
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After a busy day, it is most pleasant to relax at home. If you have a terrace, you can create a place that will become a special place to regenerate your strength. What kind of furniture will help you achieve this effect?

Terrace – a place to rest

Before deciding on an arrangement for your terrace, consider its size. It is good to know how much space you actually have. For a smaller space, products whose material can be modelled will work well. The most popular choices are seats that are simple and perfectly complement the free area, e.g. pouffes, chairs and cushions

Also rely on accessories, such as blankets, flowers and ceramics, which will beautify the given furnishings. Remember to place the furniture under a canopy, because then you can be sure that no sun rays will disturb your rest. The canopy will protect the seats from rain or snow, which will keep them in good condition longer. What else is worth knowing about them?

Garden pouffes

This type of seating in the assortment of stores comes in different sizes and colors. When it comes to the color of poufs, you should choose a rather subdued color. It is important to choose such a material that is not allergenic and is not slippery. It is important that the fabric is soft and comfortable to use. Puffers are very flexible and can be formed into a variety of shapes

The stores offer options with or without a backrest. Technorattan pouffes are also ideal and can stand all year round on the terrace. They are sturdy and resistant to strong winds and heavy rainfall. This piece of furniture will go perfectly with tables and lush vegetation. Puffs are useful not only for resting and relaxing, it is worth using them during board games for example. Additionally, they can also serve as footrests. You can find a wide selection of this kind of products online, for example at

Armchairs full of comfort

You can place armchairs on the terrace. There are plastic models, or wooden models. Definitely better are those made of exotic wood, which can fit, for example, into a modern style. In addition, they are made of teak, which is a durable material resistant to rainfall. It is important that the furniture is pre-impregnated. If you are creative, you can also easily repaint the product to match the color of your house, flower pots or other furnishings on your patio. There are several types of chairs, such as cocoon, rocking, egg, and folding. They are ideal as seats for resting, relaxing or for family conversations


Cushions are more often associated with the bedroom than the terrace, however, more and more often interior decorators propose to place them exactly in this space. Cushions can be placed on seats, backrests or panels. Often, the cushions are attached to the furniture with strings or straps, which makes the terrace an even cozier place. Pay attention to the durability of the material, as these cushions are exposed to moisture and other weather conditions. It is best to choose products made of synthetic fabrics. Sitting on them, you can read books, listen to music, or even play a portable console, such as Nintendo Switch. They will also work great as a resting place in the home playground. A few of these cushions can be used to build a castle by children

The above examples of seating will be perfect for lounging. If you are looking for inspiration to arrange your terrace or just want a good place to relax, these seats should interest you. This is just a seed of ideas that you can confidently use. They will beautify your terrace and make your time spent with friends or family more pleasant

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