Which vacuum cleaner to choose – bagless, bagged, or automatic?

Which vacuum cleaner to choose – bagless, bagged, or automatic?
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You probably cannot imagine effective cleaning without a vacuum cleaner. This task will be made easier by equipment that is easy to use and lightweight. Which is the best vacuum cleaner? Check out our quick guide!

Bagless vacuum cleaner, or modern ecology

Bagless vacuum cleaners, called cyclone vacuum cleaners, are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of a traditional bag, there is a container for dust and other pollutants. Containers in such vacuum cleaners can be quickly washed, making cleaning much easier. Its great advantage is saving time on changing bags and reducing costs – we no longer have to buy a bag for the vacuum cleaner, but only remember to empty the container

Many bagless cyclonic vacuum cleaners also have a very efficient filter that you clean under running water. In addition, a cyclone vacuum cleaner has a powerful air suction technology in the container. This is set into a swirling motion, which effectively separates dust from other debris. It makes vacuuming much more efficient. It is a suitable cleaning gadget for allergy sufferers. Many models have an inlet and outlet filter, which affects the reduction of allergens, including dust mites.

Containers for bagless vacuum cleaners have a capacity of up to 2 liters, so we do not have to throw away the collected dirt after each vacuuming cycle.

Such vacuum cleaners are slightly more expensive, but they work much better and have a longer life span.

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Traditional bagged vacuum cleaner

Bagged vacuum cleaners are slowly becoming obsolete, but still many customers choose these models. They have the advantage of being cheaper than bagless vacuum cleaners, including cyclone vacuum cleaners. They have smaller dimensions and are slightly lighter. In modern models, vacuum cleaner bags can be obtained in a reusable version. The bag is removed from the vacuum cleaner, emptied of dirt and washed, for example in a washing machine. This is a bit cumbersome, but it saves money.

Automatic vacuum cleaner, or effortless vacuuming

A real hit are automatic vacuum cleaners that do all the work for us. These small devices have motion sensors, and newer models of sliding scanners, so they can “remember” all the obstacles, including walls or stairs and effectively avoid them

Modern robotic vacuum cleaners have a gyroscope, which ensures methodical cleaning of each room. The device can move along the walls, passing several times the same route for a better effect, and also locally, which guarantees thorough cleaning of the selected place.

Tracking the line of the walls is possible thanks to the camera placed in the vacuum cleaner and the sensors measuring the distance. Thanks to them, we do not have to worry that the vacuum cleaner will not overcome an obstacle such as furniture or that it will fall down the stairs. The infrared sensor built into the sides of the housing also helps.

This is an ideal option for people who have large areas to clean or little time. Automatic vacuum cleaner can be connected with our smartphone using a free app. We can set the cleaning cycles and automatic switching on the vacuum cleaner at selected times. After finishing work, the device itself will return to its docking base.

Which vacuum cleaner to choose?

Much depends on what area you have to clean and what features are important to you. Bagless vacuum cleaners are recommended for allergy sufferers and people who want to be environmentally friendly. They are easy to use and extremely efficient, thanks to very modern filters. In the set you can find a turbo brush, suitable for collecting pet hair or vacuuming sofas and tips for collecting dust from hard to reach places.

It’s a good idea to have two vacuum cleaners at home, including one with a turbo brush, with which you can effectively vacuum your bed, sofa or armchairs.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, pay particular attention to:

  • the suction power, which is expressed in Watts and can differ significantly from the motor power, which does not affect the performance of the device;
  • the energy class;
  • the number of filters and their ability to clean or easily replace (the most effective are HEPA H13 and HEPA H14 filters, which have up to 99.5 and 99.995% filtration efficiency);
  • size of the dirt container;
  • ease of use;
  • small size.

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