Unusual uses of a dishwasher for washing dishes

Unusual uses of a dishwasher for washing dishes
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As a rule, a dishwasher is used to wash pots, cutlery, plates and glasses, but it can also be used for other purposes. 

This household appliance works wonderfully for disinfection, as it uses high temperatures during operation. You can also conveniently pasteurize various preserves. So, as it turns out, this is an extremely multifunctional device. Let’s see what else it can be useful for!

Dishwasher not only for dishes

A dishwasher is undoubtedly one of the best appliances you can buy for your home. Anyone who has one in their home knows how much time is saved with it, as well as water. Thus, it is ecological and practical. Its incredible power will be appreciated by both singles and large families. 

However, how else can it be used? The dishwasher does not necessarily have to be used for cleaning only dishes. It is also perfect for various accessories, both kitchen and bathroom. Of course, then they should be washed separately. So you can put sponges, rubber gloves, bottle brushes, as well as the plate from the microwave and even the filters from the fan. The device will thoroughly disinfect and wash them. It will certainly do it better than you can with your hands and water. 

You can also put baking trays from the oven in it and remove stubborn grease or burnt food. The dishwasher is also great for disinfecting silicone items. But that’s not all, many people use the dishwasher to disinfect toys, even Legos (but you need to put them in a bag that will let the heat and water pass through and keep the blocks from getting lost). 

So the list of items you can put in it is really long. It’s just worth remembering to adjust the appropriate program for them, and to check whether they can be cleaned using high heat.

Dishwasher curing

The dishwasher is also used for pasteurizing preserves. Heat and water work wonderfully for this procedure, and then jams, cucumbers or sauces will be perfectly protected and for months. You just need to choose the right jar and, of course, before closing it, leave a space between the liquid and the bottom. This will ensure that the pressure that will build up in the vessel will not burst it from the inside.

Place the jars in the dishwasher with the lid down, keeping the distance between them. Then turn on a not too long program, 20-30 minutes is enough. Of course, do not add detergents! After the pasteurization process is complete, wait for the jars to cool down and you can already set them in the pantry. We guarantee that this is a reliable solution, which is used by practical housewives. This way will keep your preserves fresh and delicious for a long time.

main photo: unsplash.com/Nathan Dumlao

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