Types of Beer Glassware for Every Style of Beer

Types of Beer Glassware for Every Style of Beer
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The average person may think that beer can be served in any type of glass, but that’s not the case. Different styles of beer glassware require different types of glassware to bring out the full flavor and aroma, which is why many bars today have specialty glassware for every beer they serve. Here are some of the most common styles and what glassware you should use to serve them best.

Beer Styles and Their Glasses

What glass is best? All beer should be served in a glass made specifically for that style, which optimizes its appearance and presentation. Most beer drinkers don’t realize just how important proper glassware is to beer. Read on to learn more about different types of glasses and what they’re used for; you might be surprised at some of these facts!

Types of Beer Glasses

Beer comes in a variety of colors, from ruby red to snow white. Each color has its own flavor and should be served in different glasses. That’s why it is important to have glassware that works with each beer.

Captain Beer Glass: The captain’s beer glass is like a wine glass made especially for beer. It is tulip-shaped with an oval base that helps keep it steady on your table and prevents ingredients from mixing together. You can use it for all beers but be careful because if you overfill it, too much foam will spill out when drinking and the aroma will not come out completely either.

Irish Beer Mug: What makes an Irish mug so great? The shape! This unique beer mug is wide at the top, narrows in middle, and then widens again at the bottom. This design allows for smooth sipping as well as keeping beer cold longer than other beer glasses.

Beer Pint Glasses: If you’ve ever had a pint of beer before then you know what these are used for! These tall beer glasses hold 16 oz., which is just enough to satisfy your thirst without being too much. The best part about these mugs is that they’re usually frosted or clear so they help maintain freshness while showing off any type of brew inside them. They also look very stylish and sophisticated! 

Tulip Beer Glass: In general, beer glasses get wider towards their opening but tulips do exactly the opposite; they start thinning out from their mouth down. There are many types of tulips available including normal ones, ones with stems attached (flute), ones shaped like wine glasses (champagne), and even some shaped like snifters (army). Not only do these fancy beer glasses work for beer but also many spirits such as whiskey, brandy, rum, tequila, etc.

Snifter Beer Glass: The main purpose of using a snifter is to intensify aromas. It does that by trapping them in its curve and letting them stay there for a little bit longer. While it does trap aroma, it also traps heat so make sure to let your beer cool down before pouring it into one of these. As far as beer glassware goes, snifters are smaller than most others. Usually, they hold between 6 and 8 ounces of beer depending on how big they are.

Flute Beer Glass: A flute is similar to a champagne flute but instead of holding a bubbly drink, it holds beer! Just like champagne flutes, flutes have long thin stems connected to bowls that vary in size depending on style.

The right glasses will make a beer style taste better!

Beer can be served in a glass or in a bottle, but whether it’s poured into a pint glass or drank from a beer can, the way you drink your beer can affect its taste. Pints, snifters, and goblets are all different types of beer glasses that have different effects on flavor. A good bartender will know how to choose and serve each type of beer in its best possible vessel. 

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