Low fat fryer – how does it work?

Low fat fryer – how does it work?
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With the growing demand for appliances that make healthy meals, fryer manufacturers have come up with a solution to make a healthier version of French fries. See how a low-fat fryer works.

For fans of fries and other snacks traditionally cooked in deep oil, a healthier solution has emerged in the form of deep fryers that require much less fat than a traditional fryer to prepare their favorite foods.

Alow-fat fryer, also called a fat-free fryer , works by using a draft of hot air. So the fries do not float in the oil, but bake in the hot air. Such fries are also crispy and soft, but incomparably less fatty, and thus healthier and lower in calories

An additional advantage of using a low fat fryer is the speed of preparation of a snack – the fries are ready in less time than those from a traditional fryer. What is more, its cleaning is also much easier and we do not have to struggle with the unpleasant smell emitted by the heated oil.

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