OLED or QLED – which TV to choose and what does it mean?

OLED or QLED – which TV to choose and what does it mean?
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Buying a new TV is quite a challenge. Especially since nowadays we can find hundreds of different models in electronics stores. There is a lot of talk about OLED and QLED – what is it?

When choosing a new TV, you can get dizzy. The stores are full of equipment from different brands with different parameters. Some guarantee perfectly clear sound, others focus on the picture, and still others – on contrast. There are also those that combine it all. TVs are also labeled OLED and QLED – it’s worth finding out what they mean and how they differ before shopping.

QLED – what is it?

QLED technology was developed by Samsung, so it can be found in most of the brand’s TVs. These devices contain nanocrystals, or so-called quantum dots, which change the length of light that falls on them. They are located between the TV’s backlight and the color filter. This ensures that we have amazing visual effects, a depth of color that makes the image on the screen even more realistic and detailed. In fact, QLED can be considered a more modern version of LCD sets.

The advantage of QLED TVs is that even the smallest details on the screen do not form a single blob. There is no doubt that such receivers are made to display HDR content.

Clutches with QLED technology will be ideal for rooms with a lot of sunlight. If they are additionally enhanced with anti-reflective coatings – nothing will be reflected in them. More advanced equipment is available in large diagonal sizes. They can also display images in 8K resolution.

What is OLED?

OLED TVs use small LEDs in their displays, which are made of organic compounds. Unlike standard LED TVs – OLEDs do not yet need additional backlighting. All because the light is independently emitted by each pixel. This translates into perfect contrast and very clear, vivid colors.

OLED TVs are perfect for game lovers. You can look at them from different angles, and everything is very clear.

OLED or QLED – which TV to choose?

Both the equipment of the first and second type provide a very clear picture, great contrast and vivid colors. Which one to choose depends on what your expectations of the TV are. If you prefer to watch movies in the evenings, an OLED TV will be ideal, while if you often turn on the receiver during the day – a QLED will be better.

main photo: unsplash.com/Kam Idris

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