How to identify good quality baby products?

How to identify good quality baby products?
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Products for children, especially food, toys, clothing and car seats, should meet all standards and be safe for the child. What to pay attention to while shopping? How to recognize that the materials used for production are of high quality? Check our list.

Mandatory and voluntary certificates

Approvals and certificates confirm that the product has been inspected by state certification bodies, is safe for the user and is suitable for placing on the market. Voluntary certificates are usually paid, so they are a sign that the manufacturer cares about high quality of products.


Baby products should be distinguished by attention to detail and high quality materials used in production, so it is worth paying attention to the composition given on the label. The materials that have been used to sew clothes are of great importance, because they affect the health of the child, the comfort of wearing and thermal comfort. Many substances from the materials the child is wearing may be absorbed by the skin and cause various allergies. A great danger are artificial materials, in which the skin can not breathe and with which there is a risk of the presence of heavy metals on the fabrics.

For a baby, the best materials are of natural origin, which are gentle on sensitive skin. If you are looking for a sleeping bag for children, choose fabrics that can be safely used even with small children. A good example would be children’s sleeping bags, sewn from high-quality satin cotton, which is certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class I. You can find them at:

You should also pay attention to the materials used in the production of underwear for children. It is worth checking whether the brand uses high-quality organic cotton and fibers made of natural raw materials for production, or decides on cheaper solutions. Children’s skin can be up to 20% thinner than their parents’ and needs delicate fabrics that will support body temperature regulation and not cause allergies. Check out the wide selection of cotton socks and socks here

Brand awareness

It is worth supporting local producers and Polish brands. Not only does this reduce the carbon footprint of shipping, but it also supports ethically operating companies. With our consumer choices we can support brands that care about the situation of the people they employ and the state of the environment. Often small, family-owned companies are a better choice than large corporations that use outside factories and outsource the entire process.

A good example of an ethical brand is Bobole, a company that promotes high quality clothing in a Scandinavian style. It pays attention to environmental issues and focuses on the timelessness of the clothes. When it comes to materials, the brand chooses natural linen and organic cotton or GOTS cotton. The Bobole team controls every stage of production from design, through prototype testing, to the final product. Check out their offer at:

When looking for brands that produce quality baby products, it’s also a good idea to read other consumers’ product reviews online and read the production rules listed on the company’s website.

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