3 interesting ideas for decorating living room walls elegantly

3 interesting ideas for decorating living room walls elegantly
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The living room is often the largest or one of the largest rooms in the house. This affects comfort and the ability to furnish the room in interesting ways. The large space, however, often results in empty spaces on the walls. Bare walls, especially those painted white, may give an impression of unfinished interior. That is why it is worth taking care of an elegant finish of your living room walls with interesting decorations. Check out our ideas for decorating living room walls.

Art is always elegant

The most classic and elegant wall decoration is art. Paintings, bas-reliefs, replicas of famous works – these elements will create an interesting effect in your living room and make it exude class. If you are afraid that old paintings in decorative frames will turn your living room into a museum, bet on contemporary art. Modern pieces are much more unusual and colorful, so they can be contrasting color accents on the background of bright walls. A painting for the living room is a choice that you can make blind, without fearing that the effect will be cheap and tasteless. Such a decoration will please the eye of household members and fascinate your visiting guests. You can also boast on occasion of your knowledge of art and impress your friends or family

Photo wallpaper – the most fashionable decoration of recent years

An absolute hit among interior trends are recently photo wallpapers. Photos, graphics and images on wall murals are impressive and are a beautiful accent in a large room

A wall filled with densely colored flowers or tropical plants will easily dominate the decor of the room and allow you to furnish your living room more easily. If you have such a distinctive and prominent wall in the room, you don’t have to worry about the monotony of the rest of the elements. Even the dullest and most basic set of furniture on the background of a fog-shrouded forest or a flowered meadow will look like chosen by a famous decorator

A photo wallpaper is also a relatively cheap decoration option. A bold pattern usually covers only one wall of the living room, or even just a fragment of it, so for as little as 200 – 400 PLN you can get a stunning effect

Spatial decorations and installations

Lamellas, 3D panels and artistic installations on the wall are another very fashionable and elegant way to spice up the interior. There is a huge selection in this category as well, so you are sure to find something to suit your taste, such as gold accents on a dark or white wall

Shades of copper that contrast with the rest of the colors in the room and pops of bright color can make your living room an interesting and inviting place. The more you and the others in your household like it, the more you will enjoy spending time there together, so design your living room to make it beautiful and cozy for you. Wood on the walls creates an intimate and warm atmosphere. Slats or wooden panels will make the living room more intimate. Spatial decorations, on the other hand, will add modernity and contrast, making the room look like from a catalog.

Decorating an apartment is always a lot of fun, but also a lot of dilemmas. Remember that your choices must be dictated by your taste and the taste of your household members, not by the people from outside, who will visit your home twice a year. A house is for those who spend the most time in it, so do not worry about the opinion of your friend, neighbor or mother-in-law and design your living room so that it suits your taste and fulfills your dreams of a perfect home

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