How can you control light through your smartphone?

How can you control light through your smartphone?
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We spend more and more time at home. For many of us it has become a place of work and rest at the same time. Being at home is conducive to the development of thoughts on how to improve your four corners to make them even more pleasant. Check out how you can control the light without a smartphone and additional renovations.

LED tape and control app!

A huge role in the room play the lights. The right light arrangement can change the environment and give a new look. Interestingly, to implement a little light does not need a huge renovation right away. We also do not have to worry about electrical installations and how to run cables.

Sometimes just a little is enough to achieve an effect that makes a big impression. That’s the case with the intelligent Woox LED strip. You don’t need any knowledge or special skills to install the tape and start using it. To create a new atmosphere in your home, all you need is a tape kit with a power supply, access to a power outlet and a smartphone with an app.

The tape gives off a soft light, so it’s best to consider it as an additional source of illumination. The colors and intensity are entirely up to you. This way, you don’t have to do any renovations or install additional wiring. It is a great alternative to additional lamps, such as standing ones.

Source: Newseria press office

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