Is it worth buying a PlayStation 5?

Is it worth buying a PlayStation 5?
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It’s been a while since the new PlayStation 5 hit the market, so you can take a quiet look at the pros and cons of the new console before you decide to spend money on it.


  • The undeniable plus of the new PS5 is the volume of its operation, or rather, compared to its predecessors, the quiet mode;
  • The dual sense pad, which vibrates in different parts of the pad and which is comfortable and quite light;
  • Backwards compatibility and the ability to continue running games from the PS4;
  • It was also announced that many PS5 games will be released with temporary exclusives. Therefore, fans of titles such as Final Fantasy XVI will certainly find it reasonable to purchase the new console.
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  • Lack of high availability in stores;
  • Some users did not like the visual aspect of the new console. The large black and white body can not be discreetly hidden on a table in the living room
  • small capacity of the internal drive and the need to plug in external drives;
  • lack of compatibility between PS5 and PSVR, the need to connect adapters.

The new PS5 console raises a lot of emotions. Before buying it is definitely worth looking at both the pros and cons of this equipment and consider whether this is an option for us.

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