How to store makeup brushes?

How to store makeup brushes?
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Makeup brushes are practical accessories that you probably use every day. However, it’s a good idea to store them properly so that moisture doesn’t get into them. If you store your makeup brushes in the wrong place, the bristles may break. Check out how to store your makeup brushes.

Some inspirations or how to store your makeup brushes?

Make sure your makeup brushes are safe to store and look beautiful at the same time. Keep in mind that the bathroom is not the best place. Too much moisture can damage the structure of the bristles. If you already want to store them in the bathroom, hide them in a drawer or cabinet. The best place to store brushes is in a dry room, such as the dressing table in your bedroom.

Glass and stones

The first inspiration for storing paintbrushes is an ordinary glass filled with decorations such as small stones.

Organizers and drawer

You can also store your brushes in a non-deep drawer. Just make sure you use special organizers for this.

Closed boxes

A good way is also to set up boxes that have the ability to be closed. This will prevent moisture from getting inside.

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