4 simple steps to improve immunity

4 simple steps to improve immunity
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In summer, the body is exposed to dehydration, viruses, bacteria, and tick bites. In autumn, on the other hand, infections appear e.g. due to capricious weather. Check out the 4 steps to take care of your immunity.

This is what you must remember to take care of immunity

Step one

A healthy and balanced diet will definitely improve the functioning of your immune system. It is worth to enrich it with vitamin C, beta-carotene, A, E, B and D3. Must have fruits and vegetables that also contain antioxidants.

Step two

Alcohol, cigarettes and stimulants taken regularly or in large quantities, reduce immunity, while increasing susceptibility to e.g. lung diseases. Cigarette smoke also irritates the mucous membranes of the esophagus and the mouth. In addition, alcohol reduces the absorption of vitamin C. Limiting the previously mentioned stimulants will certainly translate into a better mood and better immunity.

Step three

Physical activity is another step worth taking care of. Even if you stay indoors most of the time, you can start with yoga or riding a stationary bike. Regular exercise strengthens the immune system. Remember to adjust the level of difficulty to your body. It is said that your heart rate should not exceed 130 beats per minute during a workout.

Step four

Take care of your sleep! Every person should get at least 6 hours of sleep a day, and preferably 8 hours of sleep per night, at regular times. Valuable rest is the key to immunity. A rested person is less prone to infections.

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