How do I apply foundation?

How do I apply foundation?
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Foundation is an indispensable tool for covering skin imperfections. It smoothes it, evens out the color, but also allows the makeup to stay on our face longer, and what’s more, it even protects against air pollution or excessive sunlight. Many women cannot imagine leaving home without it. Well applied foundation will beautify every woman.

Before applying foundation

If you are not satisfied with the final result of your make-up, it is possible that the preparation of your complexion for the application of foundation is already a problem. In order for foundation application to be successful, the skin must be well cleansed, treated with a moisturizer that has time to dry before the general step

If we skip this step in our haste, we have to take into account the fact that our complexion may be too dry and the foundation will not look very attractive on it. Remember also not to overdo it and not to apply too much. It is also important to wait at least a minute for the cosmetic to be absorbed before applying any more makeup.

What to choose?

The fact is that some foundations are best applied with a sponge, some with brushes, and some with fingers;sometimes it just depends on the product. Sponges or brushes are best for creamy products, while fingers tend to be more liquidy. However, it’s all a matter of habit and these are not rules that can’t be broken.

Use your fingers

How do you apply foundation? With your fingers. This is what most women do, although it is the least economical way (more product is used then in comparison with other techniques). It is believed that the reason for this is not a special technique (the product spreads easier under the influence of heat from the fingers), but simply hurry – none of us thinks about sponges and brushes early in the morning, but only about getting to work

Then we need to remember about basic hand hygiene – and this is not an exaggerated remark. Facial skin is delicate and we can easily transfer to it something that will give us an undesirable inflammation in the form of eczema. We apply the foundation for example on the back of our hand (if it comes in a tube), spread it and then gently pat it onto our face.

Using a sponge

There is a great number of sponges available in stores with which you can apply foundation on your face. They differ in hardness, material and shape. The advantage of a sponge over application with fingers is that it reaches places that are difficult to access, e.g. around the eyes or the wings of the nose. Especially recommended is the one with a conical shape, Beauty Blender. In order to take full advantage of its capabilities, you should first wet it well (otherwise it will absorb our foundation), squeeze it and then apply the desired cosmetic on it. This method will save you money on foundation.

Using a brush

How do you apply foundation? How about using a brush? This is the most demanding method and it is meant for professionals because you have to use quick movements to avoid smudges on your skin. There are several types of brushes available on the market and not everyone remembers which one is for. More often than not, they are used to pick up shadows in the first place. The brush for liquid foundation is wide and a bit flat (the so-called flat top). It is used to apply foundation from the center of the face to the outside. The brush for loose foundation looks like a ball (pompon, also known as kabuki), is wide and often short. Use the brush to apply foundation in circular motions, gently rubbing the product into the face.

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Which is the best way? What do I use to apply foundation?

As you can see, there are three most popular ways, but none of them is the best. It all depends on our preferences, the type of cosmetic and even the time we can devote to our procedure.

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