How to choose a body brush for dry massage?

How to choose a body brush for dry massage?
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Dry brushing has become incredibly trendy lately. At the same time, it is a good way to exfoliate dead skin and reduce cellulite. Check out how to choose a body brush so you can enjoy a gentle massage.

3 things to look out for when buying a body brush

For dry body brushing, you need to prepare properly. The first step is, of course, buying the right product. If you’re just getting started with dry brushing, it’s better to choose a model that has soft and natural bristles. A brush with vegetable bristles is much softer than one with bristles of animal origin. Rather, avoid synthetic materials. The bristles should be evenly trimmed and have a uniform coarseness throughout.

The shorter the bristles, the more the massage will feel good to your body. If you do not know how your skin will react to dry brushing, it is better to choose a model with longer bristles, which are about 3 centimeters.

Comfort while brushing is also very important. Choose a model that has a special handle or a special grip that will make it much easier for you to massage. An additional strap will make it easier for you to hold the brush steadily in your hand and at the same time affects your comfort.

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