What to buy for a housewarming party? A few tried and tested gifts

What to buy for a housewarming party? A few tried and tested gifts
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A housewarming is a party where it is not appropriate to appear without a gift. If we know the hosts well, there should be no problem with choosing a gift. It is worse if we do not know their taste and needs – then we have to bet on classic and timeless solutions

What to buy for a housewarming party?

Flowers and gifts always in fashion

A gift for a housewarming party can cause a lot of trouble. Of course, you can ask your hosts directly what they would need in their new nest, but many people (both those asking and those being asked) feel uncomfortable in such a situation. If we have absolutely no idea what to buy for the housewarming party and there is not much time left, then the last resort are the usual gifts that we take with us when going to the party. Good quality chocolates, high-end alcohol – these are gifts that always go well. Of course, we can also bring flowers. However, in this case potted ones will definitely work better than cut ones. An orchid, a passion flower or a recently fashionable monstera are perfect gifts for a new apartment, which will enliven every room.

Proven gift ideas for the new apartment

When going to a housewarming party, we usually know the hosts and have information on what they like, what they are interested in, etc. It is worth to use this knowledge when buying a gift for the new apartment. It is worth using this knowledge when buying a housewarming gift. Below you will find examples of interesting housewarming gifts that will please everyone.

  • coffee maker if your friends like drinking coffee, then a coffee maker will surely make them happy. This equipment allows you to prepare a traditional, strong espresso, which in itself is a great stimulating drink, but also forms the basis for more sophisticated coffees, such as cappuccino, latte macchiato or americano,
  • wine glasses – this is a classic housewarming gift. Every home will need an additional set of glassware in case of a larger number of guests or in case the used set gets broken,
  • accessories for serving snacks – all kinds of cheese boards, rotating trays, bowls for dips and sauces on a decorative stand are great gift ideas – impressive, useful and inexpensive. Will please every person who likes to organize parties,
  • decanter for alcohol – if the main organizer of the party is a man, then it is worth considering giving him an elegant decanter for alcohol. This type of equipment will be useful in any new apartment,
  • a box for storing keys – in most houses keys constantly get lost, because they do not have their own place. A stylish box with hangers, which will hold several such sets, will certainly be a good gift,
  • thermal glasses – in recent years a hit in stores with home appliances and interior decoration articles. Such glasses beautifully expose the content, and at the same time maintain the temperature of the drink, so that tea does not cool down so quickly in winter, and in summer lemonade is pleasantly cool for longer

What gifts to avoid when going to a housewarming party?

When going to a housewarming party, we should seriously consider the choice of a gift. Remember that everyone has their own taste and what we like does not necessarily have to please our friends. That is why you should avoid things that do not match the interior décor.

Unwanted gifts

A common mistake made when choosing a housewarming gift is choosing various kinds of textiles: blankets, towels, tablecloths, etc. These things have strictly defined patterns and often do not match the decor of the hosts’ apartment. Such a gift is not only inappropriate, but even troublesome, because it is known in advance, that it will not be used, and will only take up space and gather dust

It is similar with all kinds of trinkets: figurines, reeds and other decorations. Most modern apartments to a minimum limit the number of such additions, which are difficult to keep clean and create the impression of cluttering the room. Therefore, before we decide on a particular gift, we should think whether it will surely satisfy the recipients and will serve them well.

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