How to paint your eyebrows? Step by step

How to paint your eyebrows? Step by step
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Make-up is an art, and the expressiveness is added by properly painted eyebrows. How to do it not only to optically enlarge your eyes but also to add character to your make-up? Here is our advice!

Thin, almost completely depilated eyebrows with a line of black eyebrow pencil in their place are a thing of the past. Nowadays this look is considered to be synonymous with kitsch. Today the fashionable eyebrows are natural, thick and strong, but also subtly emphasized.

How do you actually go about painting your eyebrows? Check out our step by step guide on how to do it

Today, make-up or no make-up is the most fashionable beauty trend. Today, both the stylists of the biggest stars of film and stage and the average consumer prefer the natural look. However, it is not about giving up make-up completely. However, it should be subtle, only emphasizing our beauty, and not too conspicuous. Most of us tend to paint our eyebrows according to our own preferences, and there are a few other important factors that should be taken into consideration. What are they? The eyebrows should bring out the best features of your face, e.g. accentuate your facial features, optically enlarge your eyes, match your complexion and hair color and go well with your make-up

There is no single method of eyebrow painting. The way we do it depends on the occasion, our preferences and of course the shape of our eyebrows. How to do it properly?

The first step in eyebrow make-up is to adjust them beforehand. If your eyebrows are quite bushy and unruly hairs grow outside the eyebrow line they should be removed with tweezers

Once you have shaped your eyebrows you should gently emphasize them. At this stage it is all about fixing their shape with an eyebrow brush

The contour is important

Once you are satisfied with the shape of your eyebrows, you can start to draw the contour and start filling it in. Remember that the color of the filling should be as close as possible to the natural color of your eyebrows. What do we use to fill in the contour? We can choose a pencil, a shadow or a shaping gel. It is important (which is always emphasized by make-up artists), that if we decide to use a shadow, we should use a slanted brush with stiff bristles, because it will properly model the contour of our eyebrows

For a quick eyebrow makeup, we especially recommend a modeling gel with color. When applying the product to your eyebrows, remember to always brush in the direction in which the hair grows, not against the hair!

When it comes to colouring your eyebrows with a pencil, it’s a good idea to use a pencil to cover only those areas where you see any gaps or unevenness. The most important thing is to give our eyebrows the right color, not to mindlessly run an arc through their entire length.

What are the other rules that we should follow when it comes to painting our eyebrows?

First of all, to paint the eyebrows precisely, it should not be done in a hurry. The right cosmetics and their color are also important. It’s better not to top off your eyebrow makeup with mascara (some ladies, especially those doing makeup in a hurry, do so!). The consistency of mascara is not suitable for painting eyebrows!

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