Gifts for a housewarming party – bet on practical solutions

Gifts for a housewarming party – bet on practical solutions
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A new apartment or house is a big experience, so it’s worth coming to your friends’ housewarming party with a small gift. This will make the new residents of the house happy. See what gifts to choose for the housewarming party.

Before you start choosing…

A practical gift for a new apartment or house is a really good idea. You will meet the needs of your household members and also contribute to faster settling in the new place. If you are wondering what to buy for a housewarming gift, ask the owners first if they have any needs.

Take into account whether this is a move from the family home and your first time living together, or another move to change your final living destination. You also have more room to maneuver if the homeowners have a balcony, terrace or garden

If you decide on a larger gift for the housewarming, it is better to consult it with the household members beforehand. The same applies to flowers. Some people have children, pets or are allergic, so this solution may be problematic.

Accent closer to nature

If your friends are nature lovers and also like practical solutions, you can bet on accessories that will fill the new space. These include cushions made of natural materials, such as cotton. Linen curtains will also be perfect. Here, however, the right size will be necessary.

Bamboo is a trendy material lately, so you can opt for lanterns, lamps and even a wooden bookcase. These are practical housewarming gifts and at the same time have a natural touch. Giving a painting with reindeer weevil is also an interesting idea. It is a green accent that will work great even for allergy sufferers. Besides, it’s a natural humidity meter.

However, it is worth to think about the style of your friends’ apartment or house. Linen, bamboo or cotton will not necessarily be suitable for a loft interior. However, do not give up on natural materials, just ask your household members how their arrangements look like. This way you will not reveal what kind of housewarming gift you will prepare, but you will have knowledge about the style and preferences.

Kitchen equipment

Every housewife knows that kitchen accessories are incredibly important when preparing food on a daily basis. So as a housewarming gift, you can give a set of knives, some pots of herbs, a breadbox with a glass lid or a cheese board. It is also a practical idea to give traditional mugs or glass sets, e.g. six drinking glasses, a jug or a carafe for coffee lovers.

Designer decorations and accessories

Traditional salt and pepper shakers are also a great option if you don’t know what to get for the housewarming. However, if you don’t want the gift to be common, choose a designer form. Examples of this are salt and pepper shakers shaped like dice or light bulbs.

Also, match your home accessories to the interests of your household members. Maybe they like sushi? If so, they could use a serving set. Does the lady of the house often have fresh flowers in a vase? Then such an accessory is also incredibly practical.

A trinket in a nice setting

And don’t forget to make sure that the packaging makes an impression on your guests. If you decide on classic wine, you can use ready-made sets packed in wooden decorative boxes. This type of solution is offered by Profilwino Shop.

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