How do I use the Facial Massage Roller?

How do I use the Facial Massage Roller?
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Face roller has become a real hit in the cosmetic world. Regular massage with this gadget can help us improve skin condition. How to perform it correctly? Read!

The benefits of facial massage have been known for centuries – it is a treatment that firms and elasticizes the skin, reduces wrinkles, eliminates swelling, and also improves the oval of the face and improves lymph flow. Rollers are made of precious stones or minerals – usually jade and pink quartz, which have a positive impact on our body. In order for jade roller massage to be effective, it should be performed in a proper way.

How to massage face with roller?

First of all, facial roller massage should be performed regularly, preferably every few days, to notice the effects over time. After cleansing and toning the face, apply your favorite cosmetic – serum, cream or oil and start the massage. It can also be performed dry, but the presence of cosmetics will protect the skin from possible excessive stretching.

Massage the face from inside to outside and only in one direction – do not return with a roller from the outside to the center of the face

The order of the massaged areas should be as follows: neck, chin, cheeks, around the eyes and temples, and finally the forehead. While massaging with the roller, apply light pressure to the face, but do not overdo it – too much pressure can cause bruises. In order to massage the areas on your face in the right order and in the right direction, you can additionally use the picture instruction below.

Photo source: Photo cottonbro / Pexels

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