Kitchen with dining room – how to decorate it in an interesting way?

Kitchen with dining room – how to decorate it in an interesting way?
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Kitchen with dining room – this obvious in theory combination of two complementary spaces can cause quite a few problems when decorating, if we have never had experience with interior design before. Where to start to make them look beautiful?

Choose the style

The most important thing is to choose a style. The most common choice nowadays is the traditional style, which we all know well from our grandparents’ or parents’ homes. Also popular are: Scandinavian style, which combines simplicity and functionality with aesthetics; minimalist style, which motive is to build space in such a way, that there are only elements that serve more than just decorative function; and mid-century modern, which is a decor styled on the architecture of the mid-20th century.

What about colors?

Along with choosing a style, it’s important to determine the concept the design will fulfill. Do you want your dining room to be a relaxing place where you can eat a warm meal in peace after a hard day’s work? Or do you prefer when preparing breakfast in the kitchen energizes you and motivates you to start your day? Before you start decorating, it’s important to decide on which of these two paths to take because it determines the color scheme of your room. A classic white kitchen is a timeless choice, but not the only one. Combining dark green with natural wood gives your dining room a calm, idyllic charm. Soft, pastel colors go well with retro decor, while strong, bold colors like orange and yellow will get you up and running.

If your kitchen is small, under no circumstances reach for contrasting colors. Instead, opt for keeping the room in a monochromatic tone. This will allow your guests’ gaze to move seamlessly across the various elements of the environment, giving the place the feel of more space. Don’t be afraid to make your dining room look dull or bland – making sure that small accents of color manifest throughout the room will add depth to the overall decor.

Let the light in

Good lighting is the foundation of any kitchen. Not only does it need to be functional, but it also needs to match our furniture and serve as an interesting focal point for the eyes of anyone entering the dining room. Finding the right chandelier or ceiling lamp can be a challenge, so we recommend checking out the offer of stores like Novalamp or Domodes. You can browse their offer at

First of all, keep in mind the style you have chosen in advance for the whole room and the size of the lamp you need. Too often people buy chandeliers for the dining room, which are simply too small and thus disappear among the rest of the furniture. And yet, a ceiling lamp is one of the best design elements for making the focal point of your design. A well-chosen chandelier should delight and catch the eye, while not overwhelming the rest of the room. You can find interesting models of this kind at If, after entering the kitchen, you have an impression that the only element on which you can focus your eyes is the lighting – it means that a given lamp is too big in proportion to the whole room or furniture, or that its style, instead of complimenting the décor, introduces chaos into it.

Which table to choose?

If you want to save space, opt for a simple rectangular table, which you will push against the wall with the shorter end of the edge. This way, it will accommodate two to four people while still allowing you enough space to move freely between the kitchen and dining room.

It is important to see the furniture for your home first before buying it. This will allow us to objectively assess whether a particular cabinet or chair fits into our dream room. It is worth going to stationary shopping centers such as Galeria Polskie Meble. Because their offer is dedicated to furniture, we have the opportunity to see live many different models of Polish brands. At the same time we save our precious time, because we do not waste it on driving from one end of town to another in search of the perfect table.

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