5 types of teas that can make you feel better

5 types of teas that can make you feel better
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Traditional black tea is the most popular type of hot beverage. It’s great as a nice addition to an autumn evening or as a complement to a meal. It stimulates you to action similarly to coffee due to its tannin content. In addition, it works well during food poisoning, however it is not the only one with positive properties. Check which teas will make you feel better.

Red tea

You may see red tea labeled pu-erh on the shelves in the store. It is known as a drink that eliminates free radicals, so it delays the aging process of cells in the body. It lowers cholesterol and boosts memory, so it increases concentration. Moreover, it has an antioxidant and anti-cancer effect.

Hibiscus tea

This type of drink can help people who have blood pressure problems. In addition, it has a high amount of antioxidants, lowers cholesterol and has a positive effect on heart function.

Green tea

It has a very large impact on the mood. It supports the body in many unpleasant ailments and problems, such as hypertension or gum disease. It also improves the appearance of skin, especially acne and oily skin. It contains many valuable components, including vitamins B, C, E and K. Thanks to this, it helps stimulate blood circulation and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

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White tea

It works similarly to green tea, but has even more antioxidants that eliminate free radicals. It has an antibacterial effect and a positive effect on metabolism. In addition, white tea lowers blood pressure.

Tea with ginger

Hot tea with ginger, honey and cloves is not only a delicious drink, but also a healthy one. It strengthens immunity and is great for dealing with stomach problems.

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