Home beauty treatments you can do yourself

Home beauty treatments you can do yourself
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In this pandemic era, quite a few beauty salons are closed. So many women have switched to home care, which gives equally spectacular results! Check out what home treatments you can do yourself

Peeling at home

Peeling will make your skin radiant and thoroughly cleansed. You can do it yourself at home and get very similar results to cavitation or enzymatic peeling performed in a beauty salon. To make this scrub you will need white sugar, coffee grounds or ground apricot kernels. You will find the ingredients needed to prepare this scrub in the fridge, so it will take very little time. It is a good idea to add face gel or shower gel to the scrub, which will be gentle for your skin. Also aloe vera gel will work well, which will additionally moisturize the skin and make it reduce imperfections inflammation.

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Apply the scrub to the face and massage in circular motions. Abrasive particles will help us get rid of excess sebum, but also blackheads and impurities.

Nourishing mask

In beauty parlors after the treatment a mask is applied to the face, usually in a sheet. You can make the same mask yourself at home. For tired complexion kefir mixed with blended fresh cucumber will do a great job. This mask is very light and recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin. It can also be used under the eyes when you have a problem with visible dark circles or puffiness after a sleepless night. Cucumber slices placed on the eyelids have astringent and calming effect on the complexion. Kefir in turn contains valuable ingredients, including probiotics that allow the skin to regenerate faster. Homemade mask will work even better if you put under it a serum with a large amount of active ingredients.

Anti-cellulite massage for orange peel

Many ladies long for body treatments that reduce the so-called orange peel. Cellulite can also be combated at home! Useful will be anti-cellulite lotion and rubber bubbles, which you can buy in any pharmacy. Apply the anti-cellulite lotion to the cleansed skin and attach the bubble. To adhere to the skin and suck it, squeeze it to get rid of the air inside. Massage in circular motions. It is advisable to buy several bubbles of different sizes so that you can adjust their size to the specific body part. Massage for a few minutes at first and then extend the time to 20-30 minutes. The skin may be slightly red after such treatment and this is a natural phenomenon. For a safe and effective massage, always move in the direction of the lymph nodes. Also make sure that the fold of skin is properly sucked into the bubble. The effects are visible after just a few such massages!

Benefits of using bubbles:

  • firming the skin,
  • getting rid of toxins from the body,
  • better blood supply to the skin and provide it with nutrients,
  • getting rid of muscle tension and swelling

Quick manicure

At home you can also take care of the beautiful appearance of your hands. Just bath in warm water with your favorite oil and chamomile infusion. This treatment will moisturize the skin and remove any inflammation. The oil additionally nourishes it and makes it more elastic. After soaking your hands, remove protruding cuticles with a wooden stick and then cut them. It is best to file the nail plate with a paper file. Finally, apply a conditioner – you can buy it at a store of cosmetics and natural products. Choose one that has zinc, keratin, calcium and vitamins E and A in its composition.

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