How to make a path in the garden at a low cost?

How to make a path in the garden at a low cost?
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The garden is the place where we relax – we spend a lot of time there, especially in spring and summer. So it’s worth tending it as well as you can. The paths we create in it prevent damage to the lawn and the plants we grow. How do I make paths and not spend money on expensive materials?

You do not need much time, money or effort to make the garden paths we suggest. All you need is the will, an idea and tools that every one of us has in the garage, namely: a shovel, a rake, a tape measure. The material that we will probably have to use for each of the paths, will be agrotkanina. Thanks to it, we will prevent the development of unwanted vegetation on the surface of our path

Ideas for garden paths

A path made of sand

Sand is a material that is very easily available and, above all, cheap. We can choose its type and granularity. In addition, it simply looks very aesthetically pleasing, provided that it is properly arranged in our garden. The border of the path made of sand can be secured, for example, decorative stones or even small stumps of wood placed close together along the path.

Garden platforms

The path made of garden platforms undoubtedly looks very interesting and is, importantly, extremely functional. For its arrangement you will need popular garden platforms, which can be purchased in DIY stores. The solid and neat appearance of such a path will charm everyone

Garden path made of bark

One of the cheaper ideas to make a garden path, which we can use in our garden, is a path from bark. This material always looks very attractive. The bark protects the soil. Pine bark also inhibits the growth of weeds, which is important when designing functional garden paths. After all, you don’t want to cause extra work for yourself every summer. Pieces of bark are soft, so they are perfect as flooring for footpaths

Even children playing in the garden won’t get hurt if they fall on it. It is worth noting, however, that bark will deteriorate over time, so in order to preserve its properties, you should periodically replenish the path that will be paved with this material. The use of bark provides a soft and natural finish.

Wooden patches

Another great material that is not too expensive is wood slices. Arranging them close together in a pre-designated and specially prepared space will give your garden a distinct and elegant look. Importantly, slices of tree trunks can be purchased ready-made in the store, but also (if you have the right tools, skills and knowledge) to do completely on their own

Garden path made of stone (gravel)

An inexpensive material that you can use to create paths in the garden is stone. Depending on your preference, it can be very fine (in which case you build a path just like one made of sand) or larger. The downside of such a path can be a landslide of gravel if it is not properly protected

In this case it is very important to use a proper foundation under it. The edges of the sidewalk should be framed with special curbs for garden paths or simply larger stones. This will prevent the gravel from spilling over the edge of the path

Path made of concrete blocks

A solution that is also worth considering is concrete blocks. Laying paths from this material is not an expensive or time-consuming undertaking. However, not everyone will be satisfied with the result obtained using this building material. Concrete is a very durable and relatively easy to maintain material. The thickness of the concrete blocks is their big advantage, because we do not have to worry about leveling, as with all other materials.

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