Ideal plants for the holiday terrace

Ideal plants for the holiday terrace
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Our terrace after the sad winter and autumn months needs more care from us. Even setting a few plants in pots will make it more cozy. Let’s check which varieties are worth betting on.

Waving bumblebee

This is a plant with very interesting leaves, which are its main ornament. You can find it in variety Canadale Gold. In this version it has shiny and leathery leaves with intensive yellow color with tinted edges. In autumn it changes its shade into orange-red, which can be an interesting variety for us. It is perfect for a terrace, because it doesn’t grow more than 0,6 meter high. It can be planted in small groups but will also look great in a single pot

Silver Queen has very elegant leaves with wide white edges. In autumn their color changes into delicate pink. They grow to a height of no more than 1 meter


Berberis are great ground cover plants, which also have a protective role on terraces or larger balconies. They can be planted in groups or individually, depending on the size of the available space. In addition, barberries are very resistant to frost and disease. They can be formed and pruned, which is ideal for a balcony or terrace where we do not have much space. The presented plants are available in several varieties. A very popular one is Golden Ring – in this case the bush is thorny and attracts attention with its stout dark-purple leaves. The foliage color sometimes changes to red with a dark border. Popular and surprising is also the Pink Queen variety, which has pink foliage with light pink spots. It grows up to 1,5 meter high

Western Hedgehog

This is an ideal plant for terraces and balconies. Its ball-shaped stems are surprising, especially in Danica. It only grows to about 0.7m high and doesn’t need much care. It thrives in sunny locations, and terraces and balconies are often like this. It can also be kept in partial shade. There is also a dwarf variety – Amber Glow. It has golden-yellow leaves, which change their color in autumn into amber. It perfectly complements the garden or terrace in Japanese style. You can also choose variety Teddy, which is distinguished by its red, soft needles and ball-shaped form, easy to trim. It can be planted in containers and will certainly make a great patio plant


We most often associate boxwood with Easter, when we decorate our Easter baskets with it. It is extremely slow growing and has compact branches with small green leaves. It is extremely frost resistant but can also be grown when it is very warm outside. It grows to a maximum of 2 meters, but can be easily pruned. It is often used to create hedges, but it will also look phenomenal on the balcony

Scale juniper

Juniper is a very good choice for the terrace because it has interesting shapes that become conical over time. It can be easily formed and stays green for a long time. It reaches a maximum height of 0.3 meters


Japanese cypress is a miniature variety of the traditional cypress, which can be found, among others, in Greece. If we like to maintain a Mediterranean atmosphere on our balcony or terrace, this cypress will certainly perfectly complement our ideas about this style. This type of plant has beautiful, glossy, fan-shaped leaves. What is important, cypress is low – usually, it does not grow bigger than 1.5 meters.

White spruce

If we associate spruce only with a huge tree, this variety can change our perception. It grows in spherical forms and does not reach more than half a meter in size. It has beautiful blue-silver, sometimes also blue-green, needles.

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