How to fertilize the lawn?

How to fertilize the lawn?
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Anyone who has a garden knows that it needs to be taken care of. Whether you have only a small patch of lawn or a large garden, it is worth taking care to choose the right fertilizer. It’s not just the product itself that counts, but also the way it’s applied. Find out how to apply fertilizer so that your lawn impresses everyone with its density and beautiful color. Here are the proven ways!

Lawn fertilization – why is it so important?

A well-kept, intensely green turf, which is free of dry and bald spots, is your dream? Then it is worth taking care of its proper nutrition. As with all plants, care should begin with the basics, namely the soil. At the outset, it is worth noting that grass does not have deep-seated roots, so make sure that it is the topsoil that has the right amount of nutrients. This will provide nourishment for our grass, which will grow beautifully and healthily. 

It is also worth checking when to fertilize the lawn so that it makes sense. It is assumed that it is best to do it 3 times a year. The first fertilization should be done in early spring between March and April. As a rule, there is no snow by then, but there may be light night frosts, so it is important to carry out this maintenance process during the day when it is warm. The second time we fertilize the lawn in June, and the last time at the end of August.

It is not recommended to apply fertilizers in autumn, especially those that contain nitrogen. This is because it can cause the grass to grow rapidly, and consequently, during the winter, when it is cold outside, it can lead to the development of diseases and lower plant immunity. Therefore, it is recommended that the grass be kept short for the winter.

How to fertilize the lawn?

Of course, the first step is to find the right product. Mineral or organic products work best. They can be purchased at any gardening store. 

It is worth remembering to distribute the product evenly over the entire surface of the lawn. On top of that, if you choose a granular product, remember not to apply it to wet grass. It may stick to the blade of grass and not get into the soil, which is where the fertilization process takes place. To be safe, it is always a good idea to do it on dry soil and water only after fertilizing.

However, how to prepare the lawn to receive the product? To begin with, you need to get down to mowing. This, too, is worth doing at a certain time, that is, on a cloudy day, so that the grass is not heated. Then spread the fertilizer evenly. However, this is not the end. Now a rake will come in handy, with which the lawn should be combed firmly, and at the same time loosen the soil. Such a procedure will make the fertilizer more quickly absorbed and reach the root area.

Such nourished grass will grow wonderfully and look great for years to come. Remember also that watering the lawn should be done only a few hours after fertilizing, and preferably in the evening, when you are sure that the strong sun will not scorch the plants.

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