Side by Side refrigerator – what does it mean?

Side by Side refrigerator – what does it mean?
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Side by Side refrigerators will definitely work well in larger rooms. They are slightly different from traditional models because of the design and size. Check out what it means Side by Side fridge and when it is worth opting for it.

Refrigerator Side by Side, or what?

A Side by Side refrigerator consists of two parts – a refrigerator and a freezer. However, they have a lot of space inside. They may be the same size, but not necessarily. Most often, the refrigerator part has about 300 liters and the freezer has the same amount or 150-200 liters.

Already from the outside you can see the difference, because most front doors have double handles. Due to the fact that the front is divided into two parts, this is an excellent model for interiors that are narrow. When opened, the equipment takes up even less space than a traditional refrigerator. This model is very functional, but technically, it does not differ much from a traditional refrigerator.

This is how a Side by Side refrigerator differs from a traditional model:

  • the cooling section and the freezer are not placed one under the other, but side by side,
  • is slightly larger than traditional models,
  • has a larger interior compartment.

Side by Side refrigerator is perfect for a larger family. You’ll find larger models and slightly more compact models to suit smaller kitchens. In addition, you can opt for a more practical device, such as an ice maker or WiFi control.

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