How to dry roses?

How to dry roses?
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There is no doubt that not only fresh flowers are able to impress with their appearance. It can be seen on the example of dried flowers, which have a definitely longer lifespan than fresh ones.

Dried flowers – in what form can they be?

In the case of dried flowers, you can easily prepare both single, dried specimens and full bouquets and flower compositions. The latter can be additionally enriched with dried blades of grass or twigs. This allows each of us to create our own decorative variations. So how do you dry roses? Here is some advice on what the process involves, as well as some examples of how to do it.

How do you prepare roses for drying?

The rose is a flower that especially needs to be properly prepared for the drying process. The first step is to cut the flowers before they are fully developed, which is advisable if you want to dry roses in buds. The flowers should be cut down on a sunny, rainless day. The flowers should be cut in the early afternoon to make sure there is no more dew. This will allow you to move on to the next stages of drying.

How do I dry roses?

The process of drying roses requires the right conditions. Cool and shady rooms with low humidity are best for this. Ensuring that the room is well ventilated, i.e. properly airy, will help us preserve the colors of the roses and also avoid the risk of the flowers rotting. Rose flowers should be hung singly or in groups (tied in the smallest and loosest bunches) on a string and directed downwards with the flower. Remove the lower leaves from the bundle. The drying time of the roses depends on their size. They can be removed from the string only after they are completely dry. Otherwise, they will lose their original shape.

Herbal method versus stoneware gel fixation

The method described above is called the herbal method. It can last even more than 4 weeks. If the flowers are already stiff to the touch, they can be sprayed with hairspray, which will maintain both their color and form. Such flowers can be hung from the ceiling or put in a vase.

For delicate flowers such as roses, it is worth using a fixative of stoneware gel. It is available in most gardening stores and allows you to draw moisture from the flowers without tarnishing their color and without disturbing their shape. As a result, you will find that the flowers will resemble living ones. Cut the stems short before applying the gel (the gel will make the stem brittle, so there is no need to make it too long). Add the stoneware gel to a sealed box, then place the rose flowers inside. After that, it is necessary to cover them generously with the gel so that it also gets between the petals. The effects of this method can be observed after two days.

How to dry roses? Examples from Instagram

Browsing through Instagram, we can see that we can find many examples of beautifully dried roses. If we do this process skillfully, it will result in lovely flowers that do not lose their natural color. Even if some flowers lose their full color, we can find that the amazing color of the rose after drying has its own charm.

The intense colors of roses are admired in single pieces or in whole bouquets. As you can see, they can be used to create amazing compositions, enhancing their beauty

With the help of strings and wires attached to dried flowers, we can decorate fences, door frames or the interior of the house. They also perfectly match among others wooden elements.

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