Vacationing at home doesn’t have to be boring!

Vacationing at home doesn’t have to be boring!
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Vacations are, on the one hand, a time of relaxation for children, and on the other hand, quite a challenge for parents who have to organize activities for their children. Many of us best remember childhood vacations spent in the countryside at grandma’s house. This does not mean, however, that those in the city must be worse. All you need is a little creativity, so that the kids are not bored at home during this time

Holiday ideas for spending time do not have to be expensive

Every parent wants to provide their kids with as many attractions as possible during the holiday season. However, the household budget is not made of rubber and may not be able to withstand plans to conquer local amusement parks, swimming pools and other interesting places. However, this does not have to mean that the child will spend the entire summer in front of the TV. Because there are many ideas for spending free time with your kid, without having to spend money

What to do with the child during the summer vacations?

Summer activities are very much limited by the prevailing weather outside the window, so they can be divided into two categories. The first of these are sunny days, and the second – the rainy ones

When the sun is shining outside, you can take advantage of it and move the attractions prepared for the kids outside. For example, using one of our 3 ideas

Fun with soap bubbles

The first idea that will be great for preschoolers is to play with soap bubbles

Simply pour water into a large bowl and add dishwashing liquid to it. Next, tie a string to two sticks, which can be flower holders, so that when let loose it forms a circle. This piece will be used to make bubbles by dipping it in the water with the liquid, then standing with your back to the wind and lifting it.

A trip to the woods unlike any other

The vacations are also a great opportunity for an educational trip to the woods. If you want to involve children in it, you should prepare special cards in advance. You should put plant species that can be found in Polish forests on them, together with their names and pictures. When you are already in the forest, hand them out to your kids so that they can find the elements of the forest flora on their own

Such a game will not only kill boredom, but will also teach them to recognize plants and trees. It’s also worth introducing an element of rivalry to it, by announcing a competition for who will find more plants from the cards

A game of stealth

A little forgotten but a lot of fun, perfect for older children spending their vacations at home – a game of stealth. It can be successfully arranged in a city park. It really only takes 4 people to spend a few hours outside the house in a great atmosphere. And don’t forget about the reward, which can be a walk for ice cream or waffles

What about when it rains ?

When the weather outside isn’t great, don’t let your guard down. There are many interesting ideas for indoor games

Cooking together

One of such games is cooking together. Just choose such dishes, during the preparation of which you will be able to engage the toddlers. It can be pizza or cupcakes. This game has one more advantage – after such a time spent together, you can be sure that the prepared dishes will disappear from the plate in a flash

Building fortresses from blankets and pillows

For this game you will need blankets and pillows and a bit of creativity. The best fort will be created by placing a blanket on the table, so that its corners reach the floor, and filling the inside with pillows. Sometimes playing in such forts can engage the toddler even for the whole day, and this means that parents will have a moment of desired peace

As you can see, there are many ways to play with a child during vacations spent in a city. All you need is to stimulate a little imagination and open yourself to new ideas.

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