How to buy good quality eggs?

How to buy good quality eggs?
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For a long time now, we as consumers have increasingly favored high quality over low price. This is the case not only with electronics, clothes or cosmetics, but also with food products. Unfortunately, we do not always manage to recognize good quality products. What’s more, the principle of the more expensive, the better doesn’t always work in their case either. This happens, for example, in the case of eggs. 

High-quality eggs, that is, what kind of eggs? 

Eggs are one of the products where high quality is crucial. If we like to have a soft-boiled or hard-boiled egg for breakfast, fry scrambled eggs or prepare an omelet, we can easily recognize good quality eggs. In what way? Simply that they will taste better.

The very appearance of an egg can tell us a lot about its quality. Low-quality eggs can be manifested by a thin shell and a pale yellow color of the yolk. The taste of an egg is important not only when it is the basic ingredient of a dish. It’s also a key determinant when baking or preparing more complicated dishes, where poor egg quality can affect the entire dish, even if the other products are top shelf. 

Where to buy eggs? 

This is probably the most important question when considering how to buy good quality eggs. Mostly, the place where we make the purchase turns out to be crucial. There is no denying that the best and tastiest eggs will be bought from a trusted farmer from a nearby village, for whom it is important what he feeds his charges. Hens from smaller farms also have a chance to go outside or at least peck at the green grass. When we decide to buy from a particular breeder, it is worth going at least once, to see the conditions in which the hens are housed, and to inquire about such issues as veterinary care for the animals. This gives us almost certainty about the high quality of the product.

Of course, we realize that not everyone has this opportunity. Then a good option is to go to an organic food store. The products sold there must meet high standards. If we choose a smaller point with local crops, we can almost be sure of really high quality, because this business does not forgive mistakes, and the owners cannot afford untested products. The least safe place to buy eggs are markets and markets, where we buy the product from strangers. Here, unfortunately, we will not be able to verify the truthfulness, and thus the quality of the goods sold by the seller.

When shopping, it is advisable to pay attention to the freshest possible copies and just ask sellers for them. When we buy eggs from a verified farmer, we can even ask him not to wash the eggs sold to us, which will further ensure that they stay fresh longer.

Egg good for everything? 

Eggs are undoubtedly vitamin bombs that should be in everyone’s diet. Among other things, they have vitamins A, D, E, K and B12 in their composition. They are one of the most valuable sources of protein, and also contain calcium, iron and potassium. Unfortunately, eggs lose some of their health properties during high heat processing. Therefore, if you want to eat the best of them, we recommend eating them soft-cooked, in the form of lightly scrambled or fried eggs.

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