Serving cakes and pies – beautiful and classy!

Serving cakes and pies – beautiful and classy!
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Every party features cakes, cookies, muffins and cake. Sweets are extremely important, but the way they are served also matters.

For their presentation, you should choose the right dishes, and they should look impeccable. Here is the right way to serve cakes at parties

When is the right time for sweets?

At parties, sweets are considered as dessert, that is, they are served after the main course. However, it is not the same in every region of Poland. In Kashubia it is the dinner that is served after the cake, because the invited guests should first satisfy their first hunger, and only then proceed to eat a full meal.

It is largely up to the host when to serve sweets. They can be brought right after the dinner, or they can stand in a central place on the table from the very beginning. Cakes should be easily accessible, look beautiful, and not fall apart when pulled. How best to serve the sweets? Below we present a few tips!

How to serve cakes elegantly?

A glass platter for sweets is always a good idea. It looks very aesthetically and elegantly. It does not take much space on the table, it can successfully become its central point. Moreover, thanks to it, it is easy to expose cakes.

Its shape should be chosen according to the sweetness that we plan to serve on it. In case of small cakes, such as muffins, cookies, a platter with a rim is recommended. The high edge protects them from falling down when they are being pulled or carried. On the other hand, cakes with mass or a bit more moist are recommended to be served on a platter without a rim, as they are much easier to take off

Two-tiered or higher platters are good for larger parties. They take little space, and thanks to the fact that they have many levels, you can put several kinds of cakes on them. Moreover, they will be nicely exposed. On the lowest level it is recommended to place moist sweets, and on the highest one – cakes, crisps and all dry baked goods. Cakes arranged in such a way will be much easier to reach for.

Cake as the main attraction of the meeting

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Cake accompanies almost every party. It is baked on the occasion of birthdays, name days, Holy Communion or weddings. Regardless of what the occasion is and what the cake looks like, it, too, requires elegant serving, and the right vessel

The platter for a cake differs from the classic one in that it has a leg, and its sides never have a rim. Thanks to the elevation, the cake is always beautifully exposed, as it towers over all the other dishes

What is more, the foot and the lack of rims have a practical dimension. Thanks to them it is much easier to put individual pieces of the cake, sliding the spatula under them, and then sliding it out directly onto the plate. Such a solution makes the cake always look aesthetically pleasing, it does not fall apart, nor does it overturn. In addition, the platter can be decorated with decorations referring to the style of the party

Beautifully served cookies

If you are a fan of muffins, yeast cakes and small baked goods, your home cannot lack a platter for cookies. A dish with a lampshade works best. It is similar to the cake tray, but the set always includes a lid. Shortbread baked goods quickly absorb moisture from the air, so if you want to preserve their flavor, they should be insulated from the elements.

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