How do I remove moisture from my car?

How do I remove moisture from my car?
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Do you get into your car and after a while your windows fog up? Does it make it difficult for you to move from the parking lot? This is caused by too much moisture in the car. See how to deal with this problem.

Moisture absorber – a good idea for constant moisture in the car

The first way is to buy a moisture absorber, which you can get in any supermarket. It is not very expensive and does not take up much space. Just place it, for example, under the front seat or on the back shelf.

Rice – home-made moisture absorber

If you want to remove moisture from your car, you do not have to use ready-made solutions that you can find in stores. You can also use rice. You just need to place it in a material that allows air to pass through. This can be an old fabric, for example, which you can easily wrap and fasten after refilling.

Cat litter – an alternative to rice

How to remove moisture from the car using home methods? Another one is to place cat litter inside the car, instead of rice. As in the previous case, you will need to make a bag.

Regular airing and cleaning of the car

Also, remember to ventilate your car regularly to remove moisture from it. Also remove moisture from areas such as the floor mats on a regular basis.

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