How to prepare the car for a long trip in the heat?

How to prepare the car for a long trip in the heat?
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In summer, during high heat, the car gets very hot. The temperature that prevails in a car parked even in the shade is unbearable. That’s why it has to be lowered in every possible way. It also has to take a good few minutes before the air conditioner starts working. Let’s see what else can be done to make the car in summer a more pleasant and, above all, safer place.

Comfortable car travel on a summer day

Traveling by car in summer is no small challenge. The temperature outside is often so high that it’s hard to bear, and it can get even higher in the car, so it’s a good idea to prepare properly for the trip. Of course, the absolute basis is to clean and refill the air conditioning, which then works flawlessly. Without it, a long car ride, even with the windows open, can be downright unbearable. 

It is also worth paying attention to other parameters, such as the temperature of the engine, which can heat up faster in the summer. If the temperature arrow on the gauge on the dashboard comes dangerously close to the red limit, stop the car immediately and wait for the engine to cool down. Driving in spite of this can cause engine damage, which is expensive to repair.

Driving a car during strong sunshine

How can passengers be protected while traveling so that the heat does not inconvenience them? For those who sit in the back, especially children, window covers will be perfect, which will ensure that ultraviolet rays do not hurt the eyes. This will significantly increase comfort while driving. Stick-on versions on the glass work best, but you can also invest in permanent blinds that mount in the window frame. 

You can also find cooling mats in stores selling car supplies such as car seats, which are great for long car rides. They will even be ideal for children, but also for adults. All you have to do is attach them to the seat. They are thin enough, yet effective enough that they do not pose any danger during a possible bump.You can also equip your four-legged dogs with them. They, too, get very tired during hot weather. Just strap it on the seat. 

Additional small fans that can be connected to the phone are also excellent. This allows you to conveniently direct a blast of cool air to your face, for example. Before your trip, also make sure to properly cool the car before the other passengers are in it. This will ensure that you start your trip in pleasant conditions. For the air conditioning to work properly, remember not to open the windows and let warm air in. A car prepared in this way will certainly work even for an exceptionally long trip. Note: Remember never to leave children or pets inside a parked car. The high temperature inside then is capable of causing death literally in minutes!

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