Changing feet in furniture – a quick metamorphosis

Changing feet in furniture – a quick metamorphosis
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Do you want to introduce a bit of freshness into your interior, but you have neither time nor resources for a renovation and drastic changes? For this purpose small changes, for example in furniture, will work perfectly. If you do not want to replace them with new ones, it will only take a few additions to make our old chest of drawers or cupboard completely change its appearance.

Quick furniture makeover

In order to quickly and effectively change the face of your old furniture, small changes are enough. Usually, in such a situation, we decide on repainting the furniture or changing knobs in the closet or drawers. In our opinion, it is also perfect to replace the legs, or simply tighten them, or remove them completely and hang the cabinet on the wall. This will allow you to tastefully change the image of the dresser or the bedside table. There are companies on the market that offer custom-made legs in the parameters of our choice. Another option are furniture stores or carpenter’s workshops. We do not have to limit ourselves to wooden legs either. Metal or aluminum legs will add character to any arrangement. Changing legs is often a simple matter of unscrewing the old ones and screwing new ones into the protruding screws. In this way we can also change the style of the furniture, and thanks to this, the entire interior.

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