How to choose a good door lock?

How to choose a good door lock?
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Good home security consists of many elements, including a good door lock. So you need to choose it, paying attention to the right issues. We suggest how to choose the best possible door lock.

Types of door locks

Mortise and surface locks

This is one of the most important divisions of locks, which divides them in terms of how they are installed. Mortise locks are internal locks that are installed inside the door. They are inserted into specially prepared holes. Surface locks, on the other hand, are external or over the door locks. They are fixed to the door. It is recommended for doors which are too thin to fit a mortise lock.

The most common type of locks is a mortise lock and a multipoint lock, which can be distinguished from a regular lock by the fact that instead of one bolt they have several, which close the door in several planes. Such locks can be found in the Sparta store, at

Mechanical locks

These are the ones used most often. They are characterized by efficiency and low price. The movement of the bolt is done in such locks by turning the key. The security of mechanical locks depends on the combination of teeth and notches on the matching key.

Electromechanical locks

Here a traditional lock is combined with electronic control. Instead of a normal key, a card or keyring is used. The coded information makes it possible to open the door. This type of lock is most commonly found in offices, offices and hotels.

The types of locks are also adapted to the materials from which the doors are made. There will be locks for wooden, glass or aluminium doors. The latter are available at

Which locks for sliding doors?

Locks for sliding doors cannot be ordinary. It is best to use so-called furniture locks, which do not interfere with the closing and opening mechanism of the door. To secure the sliding door, you can use several types of locks:

– push lock

– shutter lock

– locks for sliding doors made of glass.

A wide range of different types of sliding door locks is available at

Which lock for the front door?

The front door is supposed to ensure the safety of the household members, so choosing the right lock is very important. The level of security of the lock is influenced by:

– the number of pins of the rotating cylinder cylinder. The more such pins, the better.

– the presence of protection against drilling. Most often this is a metal plate mounted inside the lock.

– protection against breakage and opening with a lock pick.

What to pay attention to?

Ideally, the front door should be equipped with more than one lock. When choosing a lock for the door you should also take into account the direction of opening the door, because some locks are not universal and do not fit left and right doors. It is also important to match the size and weight of the door with the lock you choose so that it does not impose a burden on the door. The thickness of the leaf is also important, as the lock cylinder must be adapted to this thickness. It is also important to pay attention to whether there is an opening in the door to let the lock in and what its dimensions are.

When choosing a lock for the door, you should also pay attention to its safety certificates and approvals. Locks for exterior doors should be properly tested, while interior doors do not need to have as many certificates.

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