When to replace summer tires?

When to replace summer tires?
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It looks like the winter tire season didn’t last very long this year. Soon it will be time to replace them with summer tires. See when you should do it.

Although there is no direct legal obligation to replace the tires with summer tires, it is worth changing them – the so-called “winter tires” in high temperatures can deform, and sometimes even stick to the ground. Using tires designed for a specific season is therefore a safety issue. Those who use all-season tires do not have to worry about changing tires depending on the season, but are forced to replace a set of tires more often.

When should I replace my winter tires with summer tires?

We know very well how uncertain the weather can be in March – sometimes even after the start of the calendar spring there can be frost or snow. Therefore, do not rush too much – at temperatures between 10 and 14 degrees driving on winter tires is not dangerous, and sometimes even in April we can expect the last snowfall. So it is better to wait until the temperature rises above 7 degrees Celsius for good and then replace the tires.

Photo source: Hannes Edinger / Pixabay

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