Why hang paintings on walls?

Why hang paintings on walls?
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How an interior design looks is not only important for fashion reasons. The most important thing is to create a pleasant to the eye space, in which the household members will feel perfectly. In conjuring up an effective and cozy arrangement, however, will help paintings on the wall.

When thinking about an impressive styling, we may have in mind extremely expensive furniture and accessories, as well as decor arranged by a designer. Meanwhile, as a well-known saying goes, the devil is in the details. A very large role in the space play the additives. Thanks to them you can carry out a truly extraordinary metamorphosis of the interior in no time.

We asked experts from Redro, why it is worth hanging pictures on walls and they gave us 4 convincing reasons!

1. Paintings on the wall are one of the fastest ideas for a metamorphosis

It is worth starting from the fact that a picture in a frame is one of the best ideas for an instant decor transformation. Painting walls, replacing furniture or rearranging the whole interior are laborious and expensive activities, and thinking about them you can postpone the metamorphosis indefinitely. Meanwhile, hanging a painting is a task for a few minutes. It is faster than sticking a wall mural, and will equally decorate the room.

The important thing is that you don’t even need a hammer or nails, because you can use self-adhesive hooks. If you live in a rented apartment or frequently change the look of the interior, this option is much better than driving a nail that will leave a hole in the wall

What is more, Redro canvas paintings offer a wide range of motifs (such as landscapes, cityscapes, abstractions, patterns, reproductions of artworks, motorization), so you will be able to find a composition which will match any style and subject.

2. Large format paintings on canvas will refresh the arrangement

It may seem that one painting on canvas will not change much in the interior design. However, if on the wall there will be a large format canvas, then the situation looks completely different. We can be inspired by large paintings, such as those that hang in museums, and decorate the room in this way. The composition, which reaches almost from the ceiling to the floor, will immediately attract the eye and introduce a completely new quality to the decor.

An alternative to the large format is a polyptych, which is a composition consisting of several canvases hung next to each other forming a single representation, or a gallery of paintings created from canvases of different sizes and different themes.

3. A striking picture in a frame for a wall will make the space cozy

A room with empty walls is not only unattractive, but it can also seem unfinished – as if we lacked an idea to decorate it. Such space may also be not very cozy in expression. However, it is enough to hang a picture on the wall and completely change the character of the arrangement.

Paintings have been hung since ancient times, sometimes being only the background of an interior, and sometimes playing the main role in it, but always making the decor gain character. Such an accent over the sofa in the living room or over the headboard in the bedroom will become a dot over the i, thanks to which the interior will become cozy.

4. A well-chosen painting will emphasize the personality of your family members

The best interior design is the one, which reflects who your family members are and which matches their personality and interests. In this way, the arrangement will gain not only an individual look, but also a timeless character, which will not go out of fashion along with the changing trends.

What can such paintings on canvas depict? It depends on the passion of your household. On a canvas, there may be reproductions of famous paintings, antique cars from several decades ago, depictions of various sports disciplines or distant corners of the world, if someone loves distant travels. But cooking, music or distant space can also be a passion! In case of a wall decoration, which refers to the interests of the household members, a great solution will be creating the already mentioned gallery consisting of several canvases. It’s a perfect option for a spacious area. Firstly, it will visually warm up the space. Secondly, it will allow to fully present our hobby.

Impressive paintings are like a ticket to a completely new interior design – much more cozy, expressive and tailored to the household members. Quick installation makes it possible to enjoy such decoration literally in a blink of an eye, gaining a space of a completely new quality.

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