How do I check my penalty points?

How do I check my penalty points?
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Are you a driver and wondering how to check how many penalty points you have? You can ask about them at the police station or check using the CEPiK 2.0 system service. Check our article to learn how to do it!

Checking the number of points online – how to do it?

With every new year the number of penalty points is reset to zero. To make sure you are not threatened by anything more than another point, it is worthwhile to monitor your account balance. To move freely on the roads, you can easily access up-to-date data thanks to the CEPiK 2.0 system. You are able to set it up in a few minutes and the range of facilities that this e-service offers is worth it. You can check not only the number of your penalty points but also your vehicle history in the tab “My Vehicle”

Trusted Profile

Almost 3,4 million Poles already use the Trusted Profile. It is a very useful service when settling many official issues via the Internet. Also when you want to check your penalty points. You can set it up through online banking or by confirming it at a Confirmation Point. You will find all the details on the website

The Trusted Profile is secure, free and easy to set up. Thanks to logging in to the e-service via PZ you can be sure that your points for road rage will not be seen by anyone else

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