Kitchen in shabby chic style – what accessories?

Kitchen in shabby chic style – what accessories?
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Kitchen in shabby chic style is an interior decorated in a romantic and unique atmosphere, which is decorated with a feminine hand

Shabby chic is a trend popularized already in the 90s by Rachel Ashwell in her extremely popular book “Shabby Chic”. The main idea is to bring out the beauty of old furniture and objects. Bright colors are characteristic here – white rules, but pastels and subdued grays also appear

Shabby chic is not meant to shock or try to be original. Kitchens in this style resemble the space utilized by a beloved mother or grandmother. Inspiration comes from floral motifs

, often roses, sunflowers or lavender. This is a very bright, clean interior, full of trinkets, but at the same time very homely and cozy. In such a kitchen you immediately want to start preparing a homemade dinner!

How to create a shabby chic style kitchen?

The term shabby chic means shabby chic and in fact, shabby chic kitchens have an unforced style that looks as if it came about by accident. However, this is only an illusion as the arrangement is usually well thought out and the slight disorder has a specific purpose

If we dream of a shabby chic kitchen, the first thing we should do is to choose the right colors

. In a kitchen, the fronts of cabinets and countertop are crucial for the appearance of the whole, it is their style and color that give the room a certain character

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In romantic interiors in shabby chic style

you cannot miss white elements, which wonderfully harmonize with pale pink, shades of gray and light blue. Some designs also use smoky greens and pastel yellows and purples. In addition to an appropriate range of colors, romantic motifs and patterns should reign in the kitchen. Most often these are flowers – roses, sunflowers – but also hearts or angels. Such elements should be added to the arrangement in a very thoughtful manner, so as not to overdo and lead to a kitschy composition

What kind of furniture suits shabby chic interiors?

The basis of a kitchen in the shabby chic style are furniture, preferably if these are old copies, which will be properly restored. Characteristic of this type of interior is the appearance of cabinets

, which appear slightly shabby. Such an effect is easily achieved by painting the cabinets, table or sideboard with white paint and then rubbing some places with sandpaper

Using a flat chisel can also be helpful. The perfect furniture for a kitchen in this style can be found in vintage stores or at antique fairs.

Maybe your grandmother or aunt has some unwanted furniture with carved fronts in their homes that will fit beautifully into your new kitchen. The great advantage of such items is that they create a unique, atmospheric interior, which can not be faked. Of course, ready-made models in shabby chic style are available in stores

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Shabby chic kitchen accessories

Decorations, accessories and ornaments that will find their place in the kitchen in the “grandmotherly” style must be unique, because they will provide the interior a romantic atmosphere. It is worth betting on items that have a special meaning, are unique and unrepeatable. These are often various types of pendants and hand-made napkins, tablecloths or curtains. The kitchen should also contain fresh flowers and herbs. A beautiful decoration of the windowsill will be pots of roses, lavender or small sunflowers. You can opt for a green corner and plant basil, oregano, mint and thyme in one long pot

Herbs not only look and smell great, but will also fit perfectly as part of the prepared dishes. It is also worth taking care that the tableware matches the whole arrangement. Many people decide on white porcelain plates, cups, and bowls. However, an interesting option would be dishes decorated with folk patterns. For a kitchen in shabby chic style, porcelain from Bolesławiec will fit perfectly

, it is a handicraft made in a beautiful and unique way

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