What to substitute for egg in ground chops?

What to substitute for egg in ground chops?
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There are times when a loved one can’t eat certain foods due to food allergies, or you’re just in the middle of making ground chops and you find you don’t have any eggs in the house! Are you doomed to a quick visit to the store?

What products can you substitute for eggs?

Of course, when you’re up against a wall, ideally the product that would replace the egg would be readily available in every home. Potato flour or starch falls into this very category. You can add it to ground chops, meatballs pulps, as well as any ground meat dish. Soaked flaxseed, which makes a thick jelly, will also work well for this purpose. An excellent substitute for eggs in such dishes will be soaked oatmeal or wheat or oat bran. All these procedures are supposed to help all the ingredients stick together better and prevent the formed cutlet from falling apart during frying. Sometimes, however, the ingredients are so “wet” that we don’t need to add any substitute.

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