Modern winter accessories for the car – real hits!

Modern winter accessories for the car – real hits!
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In winter our needs regarding the use of a car change. Fortunately, modern gadgets, which will be useful on the road in winter, come to our aid

Thanks to them, winter travel by car will be more pleasant

Modern car accessories, which will be useful in winter, do not have to be very expensive, but they significantly affect the comfort of our journey. We are talking in particular about:

  • a thermal mug with a heater: for as little as PLN 20 you can buy a device which, when plugged into the cigarette lighter socket, will keep the liquid inside at a constant temperature. Ideal solution for a long journey,
  • car heating mat: you can buy it for as little as PLN 50; thanks to this device you can quickly get extra heat – just plug it into the cigarette lighter socket,
  • heated windscreen scraper – the device costs several dozen zloty and makes removing ice from the windscreen much easier; thanks to the built-in heater it is also less likely to scratch the windscreen than when using traditional equipment

Winter car accessories also include traditional phone chargers and FM transmitters, useful at any time of the year. The second mentioned device allows you to connect your smartphone for charging and at the same time connect the music from your device to the radio.

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