DIY: Needle and Thread Headband

DIY: Needle and Thread Headband
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Every one of us has a few needles and single colors of thread scattered here and there around the house. Unfortunately, practically always, we can’t find them when we need them or the way we store them isn’t aesthetically pleasing, so we hide them somewhere in closets or drawers. Today we are going to help you do something about it.

Aesthetic container for storing needles and thread DIY

This is an idea in accordance with the principle of less waste, where to make an aesthetic container for storing sewing tools we will use an old jar. Apart from it you will need a piece of fabric, hot glue, ribbon and a piece of sponge or cotton wool. Tie a ribbon around the center or neck of the jar and make a bow. Attach a piece of sponge or wadding rolled into a ball and covered with fabric to the jar cap with hot glue – this will be a cushion into which you can freely insert needles and pins. A piece of felt will also work well for this purpose. You can decorate the whole thing with decorative string or ribbon. If you don’t want the jar to be transparent, you can spray paint it or use the decoupage technique. Put a single spool of thread and a small pair of scissors inside and you’re done!

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