The dog – a new family member at home

The dog – a new family member at home
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Welcoming home a new furry family member is a great joy for both the household members and the pet itself. It should be remembered that for our pet it is also a huge stress. So how to make the first moments in the new house easier for the dog and how to complete the right layette? We suggest!

Do not “play” with the dog, let him adapt to the new situation

Regardless of whether you adopt a dog from a shelter or buy from a kennel, the first days in the new house are a time of stress for the dog, learning about the environment and new people. Try to make this difficult period as easy as possible. Prepare a corner for your dog in a quiet place away from the most used parts of the house. Place there a bed, water and toys, e.g. for licking licking is a very calming activity for a dog

Allow him to calmly get used to the new situation and the unfamiliar place. It is understandable that when you take in a dog you want to interact with it as soon as possible, but it is a good idea to let the dog make its first move. Pulling a dog out by force and forcing it to play or interact with you in any way won’t do much, and will only discourage your pet from interacting with you. With such an action, you may even make him afraid of you

How do you encourage your dog to interact with you?

If your pooch has already had a few days to get used to his new home, he will definitely become more adventurous and start exploring the apartment more and more. This is the moment to start encouraging your dog to “hook up” with a human. The best opportunity to tame your dog is at feeding time, for most dogs food is a very strong motivator. You can try sitting without moving closer and closer to the bowl or sitting calmly on the floor holding treats in your hand

In this situation, the dog will sooner or later decide to see who you are and whether you are to be feared. If you hold doggy snacks in your hand and the dog decides to eat them, it immediately rewards itself for its courage, so such training is even more effective. But don’t start too fast with stroking, wait until the dog gets used to being in your presence. A well socialized dog should have no problem interacting with people, but stress and tendency to anxiety in some dogs make them too afraid of direct company of strangers

How to complete a layette for a dog?

Even before your dog arrives at home, you will need to get his kennel ready for him. You can find all the necessary equipment at

A dog needs to have his bed. Whether he sleeps on the carpet, on the couch, in an armchair, or with you in bed, a dog bed or blanket is his safe haven. The bed should be sized to fit your dog, on a bed that is too small your dog will not be able to comfortably enter the deepest phase of sleep, making him tired and frustrated. The bed should be 10% longer and 10% wider than the dog’s height so that the dog can rest on it in peace

The second very important thing is the food and water bowls. When it comes to the food bowl, it is best to choose a stainless steel bowl, which is resistant to the force of the dog’s jaws and very easy to keep clean. The water bowl should preferably be ceramic. In ceramic, water spoils the latest and is the tastiest, and consequently, dogs are most eager to drink it

Dog food should be high-meat and grain-free. A dog’s digestive system is not designed to digest grain starch, or gluten, so it can suffer greatly from grain-containing food. At best, this will end in diarrhea, at worst in ulceration of the digestive system and major surgery. Read the ingredients and don’t be fooled by commercials about happy dogs making “healthy poop”

Toys are an element that should not be overlooked. Playing is a dog’s way of relieving emotions, coping with difficult situations and strengthening bonds with humans. For proper development and functioning of a dog, it needs not only physical effort but also intellectual one. It may be, for example, a sniffing mat or a toy from which treats spill out

Automatic leashes are not the best option, especially for energetic dogs. From the dog’s perspective, you never really know when such a leash is going to end, because one time it is blocked at one meter, another time it is blocked at three meters, and another time it only ends after five meters. This frustrates the dog and does not allow us to maintain proper contact with him during walks. The best leash for a dog is a simple, several-meter long, braided rope

Welcoming a four-legged family member into your home is always associated with great excitement. However, it is worth knowing how to prepare for the dog’s arrival and how to facilitate his adaptation to the new situation. This knowledge will help you build a healthy and strong relationship with your furry friend

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