Baldachin over the bed – see the most interesting homemade ways!

Baldachin over the bed – see the most interesting homemade ways!
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For a long time people have recognized the extraordinary nature of a beautifully made bedroom. The central point of such a room is the bed, so it is worth taking care that it presents itself as well as possible.

Bed with a canopy

Furniture for sleeping, contrary to appearances, have more importance than it may seem to us. That is why it is worth choosing a bed with a canopy, which will significantly increase our sense of coziness and comfort. A skillfully chosen canopy over the bed will work in every interior and will give a unique character to every bedroom. Regardless of the situation, we can create our own version of a homemade canopy, even for a child’s bed. How to do it?

Bed with a canopy – how to prepare?

In the case of a bed with a canopy, it is possible to buy one that will be prepared to hang a canopy. This type of bed will have a ready-made frame and the only thing we will have to do is to hang matching fabrics. However, if we have a traditional piece of furniture, we can hang the canopy on rods suspended over the tops of the bed. However, if we only want to cover the headboard, we can install an overhang.

Canopy with mosquito net

In the absence of a bed with a canopy, we can also mount a hook on the ceiling, and on it put a special wheel of plastic or metal. Hanging tulle on it, we get a canopy over the bed, which will resemble a mosquito net, well known from colonial interiors. Moreover, to the wheel you can mount colorful siphons, which will color the light penetrating through it. An interesting idea is to mount to the crib, which stands in the children’s room.

In style

In standard options, a good option is a tulle canopy in white, which will not overwhelm, for example, a small room. Moreover, its delicacy will work even in a romantic as well as modern interior. Modern bedrooms should be beautified with canopies made of fine linen and canvas. Romantic decor of a large bed or a baby crib will also provide us with shabby chic style, based on airy organza and subtle embroidery.

The most possibilities give a bed equipped with four posts at the corners and a structure supporting a canopy. Thanks to this we have a lot of room to show off – when choosing the fabric for the canopy and its hanging. Light and bright fabrics, which will not completely cover the bed, will be perfect for a small bedroom. Heavy, draped and in darker colors look good in spacious and high rooms. If our bedroom has a low interior, it is best to hang the canopy from the ceiling, so that it flows over the sides of the bed. To do this, it is worth using supports. We can get a similar effect at home, if we set the bed under the window. With an overhang mounted above the window (or using a curtain rod) we will be able to give a new quality to the frame of our bed.

Parallel bars over the bed

If you want to find a cheaper, homemade variation of mounting a canopy, you don’t have to resort to a jib or wheel on a hook. An equally good solution is to mount two rods parallel to each other and on either side of the bed. This will give us a solution similar to curtain rods at the window, which will give us the ability to move the canopy freely. If we want to complement this solution with, for example, a headboard, we can still install the appropriate extension arm. The effect will surely be electrifying.

What about the color of the canopy?

We already know that light and bright canopies for adults and children are perfect for small spaces, because they visually enlarge the bedroom, while for bigger bedrooms it is worth to consider darker colors of the canopy. However, everything depends on our preferences. If we bet on romantic classics and choose white tulle, we will have the possibility to combine such a canopy with any type of bed, bedroom equipment, as well as the color of walls. This will also make the bed look cozier.

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