How to make an Easter decorations?

How to make an Easter decorations?
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In order to feel the magic of Easter, it is worth taking care of the stylish decoration of the house yourself by arranging your own accessories, made of materials well associated with the holiday atmosphere.

Your own Easter centerpiece will also look beautiful on the holiday table. Making most of the ones presented below does not require a lot of energy, they are rather simple, and cheap and fast. The children or the rest of the family can help us make them.

What materials?

How to make an Easter tablecloth? From what? You can make a decorative Easter wreath using all sorts of materials that you can find around you, even outside, such as sprigs of boxwood, basil leaves, moss, bear garlic leaves. This is also an opportunity to take a walk, admire the spring awakening to life. Other materials we have at home or can buy in the first better paper store (including glue, sponge, styrofoam eggs).


From birch and boxwood twigs we can create a nest, to which we attach various additions (e.g. feathers, eggs, bases) and in the central place – a candle. Remember that the base for the nest was durable, wrapped with wire or string, so that when moving the DIY Easter decor does not fall apart.

Glue, sponge and moss

For more complicated Easter reeds we need a good glue, a sponge (into which we will stick twigs or elements on wires or use as a form elevation), stylized eggs, bases, moss. Exactly with these utensils, we can make the following DIY Easter decor, found in the video, or let our imagination run wild. Basil or birch twigs are often used to make a nest, the main base of the centerpiece, into which we put individual elements.

Basket of thread

How to make an Easter basket from materials that we have at home? A very interesting form is presented in the video below, in which we make a white delicate basket of thread, placing it on a balloon (then stiffen it with glue and after drying gently remove the balloon). Into such a hollowed out form we put hay, on it we put eggs, sprigs of boxwood and ready!

Candle in a jar

Our DIY Easter centerpieces don’t have to be difficult to make. If we lack the time, creative force or materials, it’s worth betting on simplicity. Important elements here will be feathers, sprigs of boxwood, a jar and a candle.

If you have a larger container with a wide neck, you can try to make a mini-macquerade, consisting of moss, plastic eggs (or quail egg shells), feathers or small figurines of hares, whatever your imagination tells you!

Easter decor made from… toilet paper

This is also a material we can play with. Cover a balloon with pieces of soaked toilet paper and remove the middle to get a white form which you fill with grass and leaves, a Star of Bethlehem flower – also strongly associated with Easter – and eggs.

How to make an Easter centerpiece? Simple and quick

An interesting idea is to make a wonderful DIY Easter centerpiece with just three ingredients: ribbon, a thick candle and large leaves (such as bear garlic, which we can harvest ourselves during this period). Tie the leaves around the candle, secure with a ribbon (preferably in the color of the holiday, i.e. yellow, white or blue) and you’re done! If you’re short on creativity or time, it’s a good idea to choose this option, especially since the Easter centerpiece itself looks great, especially with the candle lit!


As you can see above, Easter reeds do not have to be difficult to make, anyone can handle them. Ideas are not complicated. What matters is the final result, and above all – the attitude. Thanks to our own creative invention, we will create interesting works that will charm the guests at the holiday table.

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