TOP 5 garden decoration ideas

TOP 5 garden decoration ideas
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Great and captivating garden arrangements practically never happen by chance. If we want our garden to stand out with extraordinary decorations, we should definitely put some effort into it.

Why is our garden so important?

When inviting guests we should not only care about the interior of our house. We should remember that the garden space is what the guests will see first. If we are organizing a barbecue for example, it may turn out that we will spend almost the whole time in the garden space. Especially then it is important that our garden decorations fully impress relatives and friends. Here are the TOP 5 arrangements that will make this possible.

Floral benches and fence

The first option we recommend that you consider is floral benches and fencing. This may seem seemingly simple and obvious. In fact, however, the right arrangement of space will make the boundary between object and nature skillfully blurred. In the case of benches, this may mean using vases and pots to place different colored flowers on or under the bench. Although you have to be careful that it is still possible to sit on it. By opting for this way of developing other furniture or fencing, you will be sure that the climbing flowers will blend in perfectly with the garden space. You can choose roses, for example, which are the perfect example for organizing this type of space.

Floral bicycles

It would seem that bicycles will not find wider use as a standing decoration. However, it turns out that with the right combination of bicycle and flowers can work wonders. The first step is to repaint the bike in the color of your choice (for example, white or orange), and then you need to set it in the garden. A slightly older type of bicycle, such as the popular “damka”, will be perfect for this. In the next step, just use the frame, handlebars, saddle and rack to expose pots with multicolored flowers. If you have a white bike, you can easily choose intense colors, such as purple or red. More subdued colors will also work, but they still stand out with their color. The effect can be for example like this.

Forged garden ornaments

The garden is naturally associated with flowers. However, there are forms of ornaments and decorations that do not have to be associated with nature at all, although they do not exclude it either. One of the best garden decorations will certainly be the use of wrought iron ornaments. They look great, no matter what shapes you choose: imitation flowers, animals or whatever. Sometimes they are the ones that will make the garden gain a touch of uniqueness, uncommonness and delight the idea. Flower lovers need not fear: Such wrought-iron garden ornaments will fit perfectly into the flowery company.


Nature lovers can make their garden not only a place of rest for people, but also for animals. The easiest way to help birds is to prepare houses for them. However, it is worth taking care that they are not just rectangular boxes with a simple roof. Such houses are just asking to be enriched with unusual carvings and ornaments. Motifs of flowers and leaves will work great. The view is sure to delight as in the case of this carved birdhouse. Such houses will fit into all kinds of gardens, so we do not have to worry that we do not have a suitable place to put the bird house.

Unusual garden furniture

The garden is not just a place to enjoy or prepare a barbecue. In many cases, it is the best place to relax, especially during the hot days of summer. This is when such furniture is useful, which will allow us to indulge in blissful rest. For example, a garden bed, thanks to which resting in the garden will take on a new meaning. Ideally suited to the garden is wicker furniture, not only beds, but also tables and chairs. With this combination, we will be sure that our garden with its beauty and connection to nature will delight all who will be there.

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