Can you freeze cherries?

Can you freeze cherries?
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We are used to cherries being with us only during a certain season. However, once we have eaten them and picked them all, we realise that we will have to wait another year for the next one.

Why freeze cherries?

Due to the fact that fresh cherries are only available for a short time, we should already prepare ourselves for the fact that the ideal way to eat these fruits out of season is to freeze them. This solution may not provide the same taste experience as fresh cherries, but it will allow us to recall their taste and also decorate our winter desserts. So how to prepare them?

Whole cherries or stoned ones?

During the season cherries are used in both forms. Whole fruits (including stalk) are perfect as decoration for drinks. The stalkless cherries can also be used as ice cubes. However, cherries can be stoned out to use for making preserves, cakes or compotes. Although in the process of stoning these fruits release their juices, they will still have a lot of taste and vitamins, which will perfectly strengthen our body during the winter.

Are frozen cherries with stones harmful?

If you do not want to lose juice before stoning, you can decide to freeze cherries with stones. However, we must remember that when we use them after thawing, we still have to get rid of the seeds. Sometimes it may be more difficult than before freezing, but you will still have more juice left, e.g. for compote. It is important not to use fruits with seeds in compotes and liqueurs because they may release harmful acid. However, this applies to preserves that are stored for a long time.

How to freeze cherries?

So how to successfully freeze cherries? Contrary to what you might think, you don’t just pack the cherries in a bag and put them in the freezer. This multi-stage process starts with the most basic step, i.e. washing the fruit, removing the stalks and drying them. Only after this stage we can proceed to stoning the fruit

If the fruits are a bit bigger, we do not have to be afraid of cutting them in halves. This way they will lose less juice and you will still get rid of the pips. After the fruit has been cored, it is worth using a colander to drain off the excess juice. This, in turn, can be used for a cocktail or dessert. If you have already pitted fruit, spread them out on a tray and place in the freezer for an hour. After the fruits are slightly frozen, remove the tray from the freezer and pack the cherries into previously prepared bags or containers. After such preparation our cherries will successfully survive the freezing time.

How long can cherries be frozen?

Just as with any other product, cherries cannot spend long years in the freezer. However, if you prepare the fruit properly, they can spend up to 12 months in frozen conditions. Therefore, we can enjoy our healthy favourite fruit all year round, not only during the summer season

What can frozen cherries be used for?

It is worth knowing that cherries lose some of their taste and nutritional value during the freezing process. This happens to any type of fruit, and even to other products. However, they will still be valuable for our body, so it is worth freezing them in order to use them later for baking and desserts, e.g. during holidays. It is also good in compote. The use of cherries especially in yeast cakes will certainly reward us for the time we spent on stoning these delicious fruits.

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