Fresh and instant yeast – conversion rate

Fresh and instant yeast – conversion rate
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Check how much instant yeast you should use to correspond to the given amount of fresh yeast.

Using instant yeast works especially well when you bake a lot and would have to make frequent runs to the store for fresh yeast. Some people freeze fresh yeast for stock, but for others the need to thaw it may be inconvenient. Instant yeast can sit on the shelf for months and you can use it at any time

How do I convert instant yeast to fresh yeast?

The most common package of instant yeast has 7g. A cube of fresh yeast usually weighs 100 g.

7 grams of instant yeast = 25 grams of fresh yeast

If you use larger packages of instant yeast, the conversion to teaspoons is as follows:

1 teaspoon of instant yeast has 3 grams

Standard baked goods usually use 7 grams of instant yeast per 0.5 kg of flour.

Photo source: Seksak Kerdkanno /Pixabay

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