What dishes can be cooked in one pot?

What dishes can be cooked in one pot?
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You can make a really large number of dishes in one pot. It all depends on the recipe and your creativity. Such dinner ideas will work in any kitchen

Many one pot meals can be prepared very quickly. So this is a great option for busy people. Additionally, you don’t have to spend a lot of time washing dishes after eating. It is always a good idea to have good cooking equipment at home. If you often prepare these types of dishes, get yourself some cooking pots. High-quality ones are durable and resistant to damage. They will make your work in the kitchen easier and make preparing meals even easier

The simplest one-pot dishes

The first dishes you’ll prepare in one pot are various types of pasta. They can be shaped like strands, ribbons, tubes, or auger. You can add whatever toppings you like to the pasta, depending on your preference. Seasonal vegetables and aromatic spices will go well with it

On the Internet you will find many recipes for this type of dishes. Examples of pasta are: with garlic, broccoli and Parmesan cheese or with cream cheese sauce. Preparation does not require much effort. You can even make the popular spaghetti in one pot

Another dish that is easy to prepare is risotto. This is one of the most common ways to prepare rice in Italy. It is served both hot and cold. Preparing it does not take much time. The side dishes can also be chosen as you wish. Examples are risotto with chicken and vegetables and with mushrooms. Many types of this dish contain butter, onion and wine. Thanks to them it is full of flavor and really delicious

Soups of different kinds can also be cooked in one pot. A simple example is the traditional tomato soup and sour soup. You can also make a stock. This stock will be the base for other soups and sauces. When you freeze it, it is a great way to save extra time. Cream soups are also filling and healthy. Eating them is a good way to get a serving of vegetables into your diet. They contain a good amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals. They are also easy to digest. The basis of such a soup is water or broth. To them you add your favorite vegetables and spices, then blended. There are really many options

You can quickly prepare cream of pumpkin, peppers, broccoli or peas. Very tasty are creams from tomatoes, mushrooms, or cauliflower. With the addition of croutons, seeds or cream it is a really nutritious dish. They are also served with nuts, cooked chickpeas or puffed peas.

Interesting dinner ideas

A well-known one-pot dish is also called ” leczo“. This dish comes from Hungary. It is also well known in Polish cuisine. Most often it contains tomatoes, peppers and onions

The rest of the ingredients is variable and chosen according to the taste of the cook. Itis common to additionally use zucchini and various types of meat. This dish can be served both for lunch and for dinner. It will also work well as a dish at various parties. It is a good idea to make a larger batch of leek and store it in a jar. This way you can cook it once and have food for a couple of days. We recommend this meal for busy people

Goulash is also a tasty dinner. This dish is also a Hungarian national dish. It consists of meat, onion and paprika. Pork, various vegetables and spices, among others, are used to prepare it. However, there are many recipes for vegetarian stew. If you limit your consumption of animal products, you can also prepare it for yourself.

Traditional Polish dinners that are made in one pot are bigos and stuffed cabbage rolls. Apart from the dishes mentioned above you can also make chili con carne, strogonov, curry or c assoulet

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