Which patio awning is best?

Which patio awning is best?
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Warm, sunny days are fast approaching. This is the best time to prepare your terrace for the first glimpses of sun, hot days as well as small summer showers

A meal on the terrace, time with a book in the hammock or time spent playing with the children on the balcony are not always moments when you want to squint or get wet. Not all of your balcony plants will feel comfortable exposed to direct sunlight. Some need shade just as much as you do. That’s why an awning is the best solution! What’s the best awning for your patio? Check it out and choose the awning that meets your needs.

How to choose a good awning?

Choosing an awning seems easy until you see all the solutions, designs and colors that manufacturers offer. This is supposed to be your shield from the sun’s rays, so the material it is made of should be of the highest quality. The sun can cause a cheaper and less well-made awning to fade. Harmful UV rays can penetrate the plastic, so you should make sure the cover is designed to reflect UV rays

The awning material must be resistant to damage – gusts of wind and drops of rain must not expose the awning to failure. After all, you want it to serve you for as long as possible. Although protection from the rain is not the priority of an awning, it is advisable to invest in a cover whose fabric is additionally covered with an impregnated protective coating.

A properly selected awning is also a decoration of the balcony. It can be perfectly matched to the colors of the terrace and the color of the tiles on the floor, and even synchronised with the neighbor’s awning! If it matches the color of your patio furniture it will create a cosy space that you will find hard to leave.

What types of awnings are available on the market?

Awnings can be divided based on their purpose into basket, balcony and terrace awnings. The last two differ in size. Terrace awnings can have an overhang of up to 3.5 m so they are also perfect for covering summer gardens. Basket awnings with characteristic, semicircular shape are more often encountered over the entrance to the store or restaurant. At home they are good for balcony doors.

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With regard to the method of extension, there are awnings opened by remote control, tape or crank. Electric control undoubtedly has advantages over manual opening. You can rely on the detector, which in the case of deteriorating weather conditions will automatically roll up the cover and will only expand when the weather allows. Another division you may encounter is between a cassetteless awning, which is the least expensive, a semi-cassette awning and a full-cassette awning, which will cost the most.

Vertical awnings are becoming popular. They resemble the well-known blinds in the windows, and are attached to the balcony above.

How to care for an awning?

The best situation is when the awning itself would avoid dirt. It is known that this is not possible, so it is worth cleaning the awning regularly with a light liquid. A strong detergent can not only damage the color but also take away the awning’s ability to protect against UV rays. It is important to dry the awning after washing it and before retracting it again. Keep the awning and its mechanism tightly covered in the winter

If you are renting an apartment or just don’t want to drill extra holes in the wall, opt for an awning that only requires a screwdriver to install. These types of awnings are usually mounted on balcony railings. You have to reckon with the fact that such protection will not be so durable because the best awning must have a decent frame and mechanism. Remember about the right extension of the awning. If it turns out to be too short, it will not fulfill its task. It’s a good idea to consult with an advisor at a company that will size and install awnings.

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