Wooden gazebo in the garden – where to start?

Wooden gazebo in the garden – where to start?
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A wooden gazebo in the garden is a great way to spend time outdoors, regardless of the prevailing weather outside the window. No wonder then that it is so common element. Wanting to make it on your own, it is worth knowing, however, under what regulations it falls and where to start?

Does a garden gazebo require a building permit ?

Despite their small size, garden sheds are still a building object, according to the regulations. That’s why, before building it, it is worth clarifying whether it requires a building permit or notifying the officials about the intention to build it. According to Art. 29 of the Construction Law Act, garden sheds do not require a construction permitas they are, according to those regulations, classified as detached one-storey buildings

However, it is worth knowing that these regulations apply only to garden sheds, the surface area of which does not exceed 35 m2. What is more, the law also clearly states that there can be only two gazebos per each 500 m2 of the plot. In addition, if the size of a gazebo is more than 25 m2, but less than 35 m2, its construction requires a notification to the office responsible for the plot

How to prepare for building a gazebo ?

Now that you know what dimensions of a gazebo are fully legal, without the need to complete the formalities associated with its construction, we can move on to the next part of this article, in which we will tell you how to prepare for building a gazebo in the garden

Step one – choosing a place for the gazebo

The location of the gazebo in the garden depends on individual preferences and needs. However, remember that the area for the garden gazebo should be flat. It is also worth paying attention so that the garden gazebo does not cover the windows in the house, thereby taking away access to daylight, which over time can become a nuisance for household members

After choosing the right place it is best to check how a given size of garden shed will initially look like, whether it will not interfere with daily activities in the garden or terrace the passage

To do this, it is best to hammer in stakes and stretching a string between them to create the planned shape of the gaz ebo and check all of the above issues

Step two – choosing materials for construction

Garden gazebos are usually made of wood. Before buying it, you should check whether it has been impregnated at the sawmill, or will require to do it yourself. Impregnation of wood is not a difficult task, but it takes time. Therefore, if there is such a possibility it is best to buy impregnated wood.

Before starting construction, you should also get connecting elements such as anchors, screws, hooks or bolts. It is best if they are made of stainless materials, so they do not rust and are resistant to adverse weather conditions

Choosing the gazebo roofing

When we have collected the first materials we only need to choose the material that will be used to cover the roof of the garden shed. Most often such materials are used for this purpose as

  • thatch made of straw or reed,
  • wooden shingles,
  • tar paper,
  • mineral slate,
  • tiles

What decision will be taken in this regard, depends solely on what visual effect we want to achieve, because each of these materials will effectively protect the roof of the gazebo

After this stage we can proceed to start building a garden shed. If we have a minimum knowledge of construction we can do it ourselves or assign this task to professionals who have experience in this area to ensure that the built gazebo will be durable and aesthetic structure enriching the space in the garden

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